Skinned crocodile found on Chonburi beach

The animal protection service of this eastern province is investigating a case of a crocodile carcass that was found skinned on a beach in Chonburi province. The 1-meter-long crocodile was found on Pha Daeng beach in the Sri Racha district.

The poor crocodile was skinned from his neck to the tip of his tail. Anonymous villagers who found the crocodile said…

“Whoever skinned it did not want the body and threw it into the sea.” He added that the crocodile may have been killed three days earlier.

Earlier this month, some residents of northeastern Khon Kaen province shot and killed crocodiles to eat them. This was after the crocodiles escaped from their farms due to flooding in the province.

A resident took a crocodile home and shared the meat with neighbours. He said the crocodile was about three feet long and provided them with about four pounds of meat.

Time will tell if more details emerge about Chonburi. crocodile skin.

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