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So You Think You Know Where Salmon Sushi Comes From? Hint: It’s Not Japan!


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Salmon Sushi isn’t Japanese. it’s Norwegian. Huh!? Okay here’s the story, until about 1995 raw salmon was not consumed in Japan, and this was for one big reason. Pacific salmon has parasites. So no salmon sushi sashimi, no spicy salmon, nothing! Obviously that all changed thanks in part to this guy.

salmon sushi norway japan pattayatoday

Norway had a problem, they had a lot of salmon and too small of a market. Looking east they set their sights on Japan, a country that loves raw fish so much it’s willing to pay five times the price for sushi grade, so Norway formed a committee and hired Bjorn from 1986 to 1991.

salmon sushi norway japan pattayatoday

He worked for project Japan, their job was to convince Japanese consumers that Atlantic salmon was safe to consume raw, and this was hard! Just take for example pork, if some guy from Norway came here and said “here eat pork meat raw, it’s safe, it’s really yummy”, we’d be like “man you’re crazy!” It was basically American perception so they had to change the whole country.

Bjorn and his team got to work, they made the first ever salmon rolls and served them to businessmen in Japan, they didn’t like the new dish for a long time, it actually took 10 years!

So there it is, salmon sushi didn’t exist before 1995, Bjorn on behalf of the world we thank you!

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