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‘Squid Game’ actor charged with sexual misconduct

South Korean actor O Yeong-su has been charged with sexual misconduct, local media reported . The actor is best known for his role as Player 001 in the hit Netflix series Squid Game . South Korea’s public prosecutor has confirmed local media reports of the charges.

Local media reported earlier today that O Yeong-su is accused of groping a woman. The victim would have already filed a report against the 78-year-old actor in December last year. The police then closed the case without further investigation. After the woman appealed, the case was reopened to her great relief.

The prosecutor says that O Yeong-su has indeed been charged with sexual misconduct, but that the reports of the touching are “factually incorrect” . He gave no further information about the allegations.

O Yeong-su began his acting career in theater in 1967, appearing in over 200 productions before moving on to film and television. A good choice, because the actor was the first South Korean actor ever to win a Golden Globe at the beginning of this year for his role as Player 001 in the Netflix series Squid Game. In this series, 456 participants play children’s games with a fatal outcome. The winner of all games goes home with 45.6 billion won (roughly 33 million euros).

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