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Squid Game creator confirms season 2, return of main character Seong Gi-hun

After the overwhelming success of the Netflix series, it could hardly be otherwise: there is officially a second season of Squid Game. This has been confirmed by maker Hwang Dong-hyuk in a video from AP. “It’s almost like I don’t have a choice!”

What many people already suspected is indeed going to happen. The bizarre Korean series about sadistic children’s games is getting a sequel. “It’s still in my head right now,” said Dong-hyuk. “I’m in the planning process, so it’s too early to say how and when it will happen. But I promise you this: Gi-Hun (the protagonist, ed.) will be back and he will do something for the world. ”

So little is known about the content of the second season, but it will probably look different from the first season. Dong-hyuk recently hinted in The Times that the focus might just be on the masked frontman of the game and the role of the police in the whole.

Earlier, the director and screenwriter also spoke in The Guardian about a film he would like to make. “I’m still unsure which one to do first. I’m going to talk about it with Netflix” , were his words at the time.

Last month it was announced that Squid Game has already raised almost $900 million. Still, Dong-hyuk hasn’t gotten as rich as you might expect. He doesn’t get an extra bonus from Netflix. ” I was paid according to the original contract. (…) Probably I have to make a second season to become as rich as the winner of the Squid Game.”

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