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Staff told to clean up suicide mess before police arrive


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Staff told to clean up suicide mess before police arrive

The Pattaya News has voiced suspicions that staff at Central Festival Pattaya Beach are trained to quickly get rid of the mess of suicide victims rather than make any attempt to help.

Staff have been told to quickly pack the corpses off to hospital, clean up and carry on, said the locally based media.

It was alleged that they have undergone training not to wait for police and rescue services to arrive to start an investigation.

The allegation was clear: shopping revenue was more important than unwanted investigations in front of shoppers and tourists that might affect business.

The Pattaya News said that there had been “multiple” cases of suicide jumpers at the prominent mall located on Pattaya Beach road.

They posted a video of the aftermath of the jump of a reportedly 50-year-old British man.

Staff were seen clearing up with sweeping machines as officials pointed skywards.

Shoppers were carrying on as if nothing had happened while the victim was at Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

The media’s suspicions were not accompanied by any comments from Central.

They said that a witness on the sixth floor had run to the aid of the foreigner who had scaled a 1.5-meter high barrier.

The jumper let go of the witness’s hand and fell to their death by the escalator on the first floor, they said.

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