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Stark naked foreigner with possible ‘mental illness’ shocks Thai population in Pattaya before being arrested


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A foreign man who strolled around Pattaya in his impending ‘niksie’ with only a camera over his shoulder and a small fanny pack, has given several pedestrians quite a scare, perhaps because of its size, as yet unknown. According to the police, the man would have a mental illness, so they immediately arrested him to protect the image of Pattaya.

Captain Sontaya Khansub had been assigned the job of a guard at the Pattaya Police Station during a night shift, received a report in the middle of the night of a foreigner, whole, who was strolling down a busy street in South Pattaya, carrying nothing but a camera over his shoulder. and a small bum bag.

The moment the police appeared, the man looked straight into the eyes of the hermandad, who appeared to be from Europe, according to the officers. His bare body caused panic among other pedestrians in South Pattaya, but the staring eyes of the crowd didn’t seem to bother him. In an attempt to negotiate, the officers circled him, but he reportedly spat at the officers and talked adacadabra.

After a long, quiet conversation, the man let the officers cover his body before taking him to the police station.

At the time of going to press about this remarkable incident, officers said they could not identify the man’s nationality or his name as they struggled to understand his fluctuating statements.

Though they suspected he might be suffering from mental illness, they had him wait at the station for his relatives or the embassy to pick him up and identify him.

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