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Starting a Career in Nursing – Opening Up Exciting Opportunities

A career in nursing is exciting, and it is an opportunity that allows you to fulfill your potential and realize your ambitions. A career in nursing can give you stability, and it can give you security too. Being able to help others in itself is rewarding. Being able to make a difference to the care that people receive either in their own home or within a care setting is life-changing for them and for you too. A nursing career can allow you to have a direct impact on the lives of others, and this will give you a rich career. One that is full of satisfaction and achievement. So, how do you take the first steps towards your new career, and what do you need to focus on?

Realizing Your Potential

You have the potential to achieve so much more than you are doing currently. As well as realizing your potential, you also have the opportunity to improve the lives of other people. You can achieve all of this and more within a nursing career. A nursing career gives you the opportunity to help others. Your full potential has yet to be tapped into, and this is where a good career will help. Embarking on a selfless career in nursing will leave you feeling good because you know that you are doing good and benefitting others.

A Time to Change

There is never a perfect time to embark on a career change. Starting a career in nursing at any age will come with its challenges. Moving into a new industry alone is going to be difficult, and it is going to be challenging, but it will be worthwhile. Committing to change may be one of the most difficult things you do, but once you have made the commitment, the road to change can then be easier. A position in nursing opens up doors for you that might not have been open before. It gives you the chance to meet new people, makes new connections, and even travel.

The Chance to Utilize Your Skillset

Your skillset is diverse and probably broader than you already know or even realize. Utilizing your skillset is crucial to the start of your nursing career, and it is essential for career progression. To utilize your skill set, you have to know what you have to offer and, of course, what you have to improve/expand upon. For example, if you are a great communicator but a poor listener, then this is something you will have to work on. The skillset of a nurse is diverse and wide-ranging, and it is something that you will be continuously improving on throughout your career. You already have transferable skills that you can use within your career, and moving forward, the emphasis will be on increasing and building your skillset.

Traits, Attributes, and Characteristics

Within your nursing career, you want to strive to always ensure that you are the best version of yourself. To ensure that this happens, you need to focus on your characteristics, key traits, and key attributes. For example, a key trait all nurses need to display is compassion. Caring for others is key to the success of any nurse. This is a trait that will develop and grow over time, and it is one that you will need to nurture. As well as being caring and compassionate, nurses need to be professional and empathetic. Learning how to handle situations and different patients is crucial within any nursing position.

Choosing a Specialism/Area of Focus

There are lots of areas of nursing, and no two are the same. For example, there are nurses that specialize in the care of children and young people (pediatrics), and there are those that look after emergencies and accidents in the accident and emergency ward. There are also nurses that work in triage – which helps allocate where staff and professionals need to be. As there are lots of areas or specialisms that nurses can work within, it is crucial to choose an area of specialism – sooner rather than later. Knowing where you will direct your attention and focus is crucial, and it is also essential for your studies and for your future job search.

Earning a Relevant Degree

Of course, to get into the field of nursing, you must have a relevant degree. Going to a campus-based university or college to gain your degree can take as long as 4-5 years, and when you want to make change happen quickly, you soon realize that this timeframe is not going to work for you. However, there are lots of accelerated nursing programs that are available for you to study online. These online accelerated programs take into account your previous experience, knowledge, and qualifications. When you can complete your studies sooner than you realize, you can then start putting your newly earned degree into use.

Getting Licensed

After completing a degree, you then need to focus on getting licensed. Licensing requirements may vary depending on the state or country you are in. So, it is essential that you check what local licensing rules and regulations are before you go any further. This way, you can be sure that you are fully licensed and ready to practice as a nurse (as soon as you have found a suitable position).

Finding A Role That Suits You

Finding that first nursing role can feel like a giant leap, but it doesn’t have to. You can break down the whole process and make it much easier and much more manageable. For example, you can start by establishing where you want to work and why. For example, do you want to work in a local hospital or healthcare facility? Or, do you want to travel further afield? By asking lots of questions early on in your job search, you can then be sure that you target and apply for the jobs and positions that are the most relevant for you. Getting the right nursing position the first time around may not be easy or quick, but it is possible with persistence.

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