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Streets submerged, cars swept away as flash flooding strikes northern Italy

Streets submerged: Sudden violent storms brought an onslaught of flash flooding to parts of northern Italy on Saturday, submerging streets and sweeping cars away in the province of Verona.

Footage from the town of Negrar shows vehicles floating in the floodwaters, while videos shared on social media by residents show cars struggling to drive on through flooded streets.

According to local reports, hospital phone lines are temporarily down as a result of the severe weather, and a state of alert remains in place. Authorities in Negrar have set up an emergency center and helpline to aid those affected by the floods, although no missing persons or injuries have been reported.

Meanwhile, Mayor Roberto Grison is urging residents to take extra precautions as rain continues to fall. Efforts are underway to pump water out of flooded areas and remove waste material left by the deluge.

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