Suicide suspected as man jumps into Surat Thani river in front of friend

Suicide suspected: A man jumped into a swollen river in Surat Thani’s Phra Saeng district in front of his friend on Wednesday night in what is believed to be a suicide.


Scuba divers searched for Banthom Onnim, 23, in the Klong Ipun, a tributary of the Tapi River, for hours but failed to locate him.

His friend, Panya Pengkham, 23, called the Phra Saeng rescue operation centre for help at 5.30pm.

Panya said he and Banthom were riding in the back of a pickup truck returning home after they had been cutting rubber trees.

When the pickup reached the bridge over the river, Banthom jumped from the pickup into the fast-flowing river below.

Panya said he saw Banthom attempt to stay afloat but the current washed him away. Rescuers and local villagers searched for Banthom for hours but failed to find him.

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