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Supermarkets In Sweden Have Maps On Their Trolleys

Sweden has come up with a genius way to make food shopping even easier than it already is – by adding supermarket maps to its shopping trolleys.

An image that emerged on Reddit shows a grocery cart with a handy little map attached to the handle, pointing customers in the direction to follow while also showing what items you can find in each section.

It’s an innovative idea to say the least – just think of all the wasted time you’ve spent getting mullered in the yoghurt aisle while trying to find the cheese section. We’ve all been there. These issues would be a thing of the past if you could simply look down to your trolley and have a personal map to guide you out of the dairy aisle labyrinth.

It also mirrors the efficiency of everyone’s fave furniture department store, IKEA. Another fantastic idea from Sweden – not only is IKEA the mecca of flatpack furniture and bargain tealights, but it also introduced the UK to the idea of mapping out stores with arrows to point customers through its various sub-sections.

Of course, some are arguing that adding a map to the shopping cart is, like IKEA’s arrows, nothing more but a ploy to get customers to browse through every aisle and therefore spend more money.

Reddit user SirHerald included, who said: “They want you to go in one pass. Big stores want you to wander and see more stuff to buy.”

However, it could just be down to the sheer size of grocery stores in the country, which are broken down into many sub-sections and therefore require guidance. And what better way to do so than a handy little map attached to the trolley, right?

As Reddit user ohitsasnaake argued, the idea behind IKEA’s arrows is similar in that it isn’t just a cash grab. “While the stores are maze-like, they also always provide maps… and there are shortcuts that allow you to bypass 90 percent of the store if you want to.”

Whatever your take on the idea, there’s no denying that the UK’s superstores – from Tesco, to Asda, to Morrisons – could all benefit from a little direction. How many times have you gone to fetch some Passata, only to end up lost in a wall of Pot Noodles? Or sought out the Findus Crispy Pancakes and wound up in the Free From aisle?

We can only hope the UK adopts the same idea soon. Sweden’s onto something and we’re with it every step of the way. #Maps4Trolleys – you heard it here first.

Source: Lad Bible


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