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Sword-wielding song thaew driver gets slap on the wrist

The head of the infamous Chiang Mai red song thaews on Tuesday said he had spoken with a driver after the man wielded a sword out of his window at another driver, whom he claimed had tooted his horn.

But that’s it. No further action taken, at least as yet.

CCTV footage on Maneenopparat Road shows the song thaew driver tailgating a white Honda Jazz, waving the sword out of his driver-side window.

The hatchback driver had earlier posted about the incident on Monday.

He said he sounded his horn after the song thaew had cut in front of him, and he was then chased around the city moat.

The post was later deleted.

Bunniam Buntha, head of the local song thaew association, said he had spoken to the driver, who admitted that he had become angry and waved the long knife out of the window.

He warned the driver that there may be further questioning with a view to possible punishment, the association chief added.

At this stage, no police action has been taken.

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