• “Walking Street @Silom” New destination in Town.

    Brand New city market “Walking Street @Silom” opens up (15 December 2019) welcoming visitors to the brand new destination in town every 3rd Sunday of the month from 12.00 to 22.00. Right from lunchtime, big crowds of locals and tourists have joined in the grand opening by shopping for goods and tasting cool dishes along the famous Silom road. The stalls line both sides of Silom road under the BTS Skytrain elevated rails to give some shade from the bright sun. 

    Over 300 businesses have joined the walking street with 70% being food stalls including classic Thai food and trendy options including drinks and desserts to end a perfect meal. Visitors can also shop home products including handmade goods, OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) goods, clothes, and other goods. There are also street performers who will be a part of the experience of Walking Street @Silom.


    There is a stage in the middle of the street with various shows such as a Thai Dance show. The Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut Chan-o-cha went on the stage to officially open Walking Street @Silom up for business. The main concept behind the event is to “Walk, Eat, Taste, and Explore”. The new walking street will promote tourism in the area along with boosting the economy in the area. The Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang joined in the grand opening celebration.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News


    The Prime Minister stated in his ceremonial speech that tourists visit Thailand because of the beautiful nature, delicious food that is good and cheap, and Thai Smile. The Thai people need to keep these good qualities by continuing to smile and to have peace along with efficiency and safety. The government wants to increase tourism, but safety and stability must come first. The government can’t approve every project because there is a budget. The Prime Minister touched on a few other topics before ending with a statement that the people must become one, the Thai’s must stand solo and to not let any person destroy this unity.

    FB Caption: The Prime Minister gave an opening speech at the brand new walking street on Silom Road, Bangkok.


  • A buffet for monkeys in Lopburi Province.

    This is the 31st Buffet for monkeys set up annually in Lopburi Province, Thailand. The event rehearsal took place on 24 November 2019 in front of the Phra Pang Sam Yot temple, Tha Hin Sub-district. The temple is famous for having a lot of monkeys that wait for visitors every day beside the Buddha Statues. There will be 4 main buffet rounds for the monkey at 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, and 16.00.

    The rehearsal was a success as this year there were more monkeys than ever rushing in to grab the food and fruits. The 31st buffet for monkeys is named Tarzan Monkey Party. The food was placed in front vans that were decorated just for the occasion with paint and pictures of monkeys. On top of the van is a set up with hanging fruits and a rope so the monkeys have a competition to win the delicious prize set for the winners on each rope.
    Credit: INN News

    Most of the monkeys in the area are harmless if you don’t bother them. They are pretty used to hundreds of visitors coming in each day to visit the temple. There is a statue of a monkey holding a banana in front of the temple. Although they might be cute and funny, visitors are not recommended to attempt and pet monkeys. On normal days if you wish to give them food just simply place it on the ground and they’ll all run it to fight for the meal.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    Locals and tourists filled up the temple in excitement to see the monkeys run down for a grab of the food. The Phra Pang Sam Yot is one of the main attractions in Lopburi that represent Thailand’s history and culture. This buffet for monkeys is a reminder of the monkey’s existence that has played an important role in the signature of visiting the attraction. It is also a fun activity for the people and the Lopburi city to pull visitors in for the travel season.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    FB Caption: Locals and tourists filled up the temple in excitement to see the monkeys run down for a grab of the food.


  • Bang Saen Beach’s ‘new look’

    A Thai Facebook member yesterday (Nov 21, 2019) wrote an article about a “new look” Bang Saen Beach in the eastern coastal province of Chon Buri.

    Located in Saensook Sub-district, the beach is already well-known among Thai and foreign tourists looking for relaxation, fresh seafood and crystal-clear water.

    From Bangkok, drivers can reach Bang Saen in one hour. In addition to the beach, local visitors will pay respects to the Sammook Shrine not far from the beach.

    The shrine was built a long time ago by the locals in commemoration of a couple who committed suicide after their parents rejected their request for marriage.




  • Tham Luang Cave welcoming tourists from 1st November.

    The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) announced the official opening date for Tham Luang Nang Non in Chiang Rai Province starting on 1 November 2019. The cave was opened for one day previously on 27 October 2019, everything went smoothly as planned.

    This is the first time visitors will be able to enter the cave since the Tham Luang Cave Rescue. Visitors were only allowed to see the entrance of the cave but none were permitted to go exploring inside. Kawee Prasompol the head of the Tham Luang Cave Team stated that on the 27 there was a test group of tourists who were allowed inside the first part of the cave.

    Visitors were divided into small groups of 25 to 30 people. 3 groups were allowed in per time, the next 3 groups get to go in only when the previous 3 groups return outside to the entrance of the cave. All the visitors were happy with the method of visitation and the process went through smoothly without any concerns.

    The official opening date is set on the 1st of November this year where visitors can enter the cave from 9.00 to 16.30 every day of the week. Jongklai Worapongsatorn from the DNP is the special guest at the opening ceremony on the date.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    After the rescue of the 13 boars football team took place there was a massive renovation to the Tham Luang Cave. All the rescue equipment has been removed from inside the cave. Safety rails and decorations have been placed inside to make sure that visitors will be able to explore the cave safely with enjoyment.

    Even Though visitors are not allowed inside the cave yet, there are at least 1,000 visitors who come to see the cave per day. On holidays there can be up to 3,000 visitors. The number has risen since the start of Chiang Rai’s high season which is when the weather starts getting cold. On 26 October 2019, there were 7,259 visitors on such date alone.

    The number is expected to rise even more after the cave welcomes visitors inside. Tourists are recommended to plan ahead as there will be heavy traffic on the way and a long line of people waiting to get in. Officers have to follow safety protocol and only 3 groups of 25 to 30 people will be allowed inside per time.

    FB Caption: The Tham Luang Cave has seen a massive renovation since the rescue of the football team.

    Source: Sanook, Thaiquote


  • Bangkok opens 30 Public Parks for Loi Krathong

    This year’s Loy Krathong is near with the official date set on November 11. Chatri Wattanakajorn from the Environment Department reported on 24 October 2019. Bangkok will be opening 30 public parks for locals and tourists to participate in the long cultural festival this year. The people can spend the Loy Krathong day with their family and loved ones floating Krathongs in public parks as a thank you sign to mother earth.

    Opening the public parks and allowing the Krathongs to be floated into designated waters will help manage the trash situation in the morning after. City workers will be able to clean up the remains of the celebration as the Krathongs will float in ponds and pools, instead of rivers and natural waterways

    Here is a list of public parks open from 05.00 – 24.00 on Loy Krathong Day.

    1. Lumpini Park, Pathumwan District
    2. Chatuchak Park, Chatuchak District
    3. Suan Rod Fai Park, Chatuchak District
    4. Suan Pranakorn Park, Ladkrabang District
    5. Queen Sirikit Park, Ladkrabang District
    6. Suan Saranrom Park, Phra Nakhon District
    7. Ramini Nat Park, Phra Nakhon District
    8. Santi Chai Prakan Park, Phra Nakhon District
    9. Thonburi Rom Park, Thung Khru District
    10. Serithai Park, Bueng Kum District
    11. Nawamin Phirom Park, Bueng Kum District
    12. Suan Nong Chok Park, Nong Chok District
    13. Benjasiri Park, Khlong Toei District
    14. Bung Krathi Water Park, Min Buri District
    15. Suan Phraya Phirom Park, Min Buri District
    16. Waree Phirom Park, Khlong Sam Wa District
    17. Suan Rat Phirom Park, Nong Chok District
    18. Chalerm Phrakiat 6 King’s Park (Phra Nakhon), Bang Kho Laem District
    19. Peace Park, Ratchathewi District
    20. Ramintra Sports Park, Bang Khen District
    21. Rommanee Thung Si Kan Park, Don Mueang District
    22. Chaloem Phrakiat Mahatthai Park, Prawet District
    23. Suan Wantham Park, Prawet District
    24. Thawi Watthana Garden Park, Thawi Watthana District
    25. Suan Luang Rama 8 Park, Bang Phlat District
    26. Bueng Nam Park at Lat Phrao 71, Lat Phrao District
    27. Sirinthara Prueksaphan Park, Bangkok Noi District
    28. Suan Chaloem Phrakiat Park,  Bangkok Noi District
    29. Suan Chaloem Phrakiat Park, Sathorn District
    30. Bang Khae Phirom Park, Bang Khae District

    Locals and Tourists can join in the Loy Krathong celebration from before sunrise at 5 am and join in sunrise watching at any of the parks mentioned above. The parks will remain open until midnight. It is best to float natural Krathongs made from banana leaves.

    FB Caption: Citizens can join in the Loy Krathong celebration from before sunrise at 5 am until midnight on November 11 of this year.

    Source: Khaosod


  • Thailand enters Cold Season on 17 October 2019.

    Thailand Meteorological Department officially announced that the nation will be entering the cold season on 17 October of this year. The cold season will last longer than last year extending to February 2020. The average temperature throughout the cold season will also be lower compared to last year, with the coldest period starting on December 2019 to January 2020. This year’s cold season is expected to last for 122 days compared to in 2018 when the cold season lasted only 117 days.

    We’re happy to hear that the cold season will last longer this year with a lower average temperature throughout the nation. The lowest average temperature will range from 20 to 21 C, last year in 2018’s cold season the lowest average temperature was 21.9 C.  Some areas are expected to have heavy fog in the morning, especially on days with warmer temperatures. Some provinces in the South of Thailand will have heavy rain in the cold season, especially in November to December 2019. Other provinces in Thailand will face rain but not as bad as provinces in the South. Citizens in the South are warned to beware of flash floods from rivers and the forests.

    Thailand is a tropical climate country, even in the cold season, the sun is going to be bright and temperatures will remain humid and hot in the daytime. The good thing is, the cold season always comes with fresh winds and much lower temperatures after sunset and early mornings which is definitely a good break from the constant heat all day, every day. After the cold season comes the official Hot Season that definitely lives up to its name. Normally hot season will begin in March or May of every year.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    Fun fact, the coldest temperature recorded in Thailand was not up in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, it was in Sakon Nakhon Province at a freezing temperature of -1.4 C recorded on the 2nd of January year 1974.

    Facebook Caption: We’re happy to hear that the cold season will last longer this year with a lower average temperature throughout the nation.

    Source: Khaosod


  • Tourists return cursed rocks back to Koh Hin Kgam

    Tourists from many nations around the world have mailed back rocks taken from the Koh Hin Knag Island in Satun Province after they decided to take souvenirs home. Tarutao National Marine Park Facebook page posted online about a mail envelope sent back to Thailand from the USA. The envelope was mailed back to the Island, inside was a letter attached.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    The letter stated “When my partner and I were on vacation last winter in the islands, we carried a pocketful of rocks off of the Koh Hin Ngam. Beautiful as it is, I know where it belongs and have since learned all about the islands beautiful stones and the curse they are associated with. 2019 has certainly been a rough year, filled with loss and I hope to start a new year fresh, with many things back….

    Can you help me return it? I’m so sorry for disrespecting your beautiful park by taking something so special – it is much more beautiful on the island (smiley face). Thank you for your help and understanding.”

    Ekkachai Muatchan from the National Marine Park reported that every month the Park receives multiple mail envelopes and boxes from countries around the world. All of the mails are to return rocks taken from the Koh Hin Kgam Island. The National Marine Park is grateful that tourists have the good intention to return the rocks back to where they came from. Although they realize that the reason is that the rocks are cursed by the Tarutao Islands.

    The rocks are cursed that if anyone takes them away from the islands, the rocks will find a way to return back to its origin. The National Marine Park has put up a sign to not pick up rocks that are stacked on top of each other because it can cause a collapse and break other rocks nearby. The Park revealed that they have placed the rock back on the island. Some countries that have sent rocks back to the island include Malaysia, China, and the USA. Most tourists will pick up pretty rocks from the Koh Hin Kgam Island without thinking much about it. These rocks are very unique when the seawater splashes on the rocks they glisten with colorful shine. This year about 30 rocks have been mailed back so far.

    FB Caption: “Beautiful as it is, I know where it belongs and have since learned all about the island’s beautiful stones and the curse they are associated with.”

    Source: INN News


  • Chonburi Snow Mountain Permanent Shut-Down

    The Snow Mountain also known as Thailand’s Grand Canyon has been shut down permanently after experts warn against health hazards in the tourist attraction. The owner decided to close down the attraction when he heard the news, only inside personals and officials are allowed inside what used to be the famous attraction.

    The Snow Mountain used to be a limestone mine, breathing in the substance found in the air at the attraction highly increases cancer and Pneunomia risks. This is a fairly new attraction located in Chonburi Province that became known from pictures on Instagram. The rocks got its name from the appearance that resembles icy mountains. The small mountains are made from limestone and concrete which can hurt the breathing system when inhaled into the body.

    Professor Jessada Denduangboripant from the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University has come out on 29 September 2019 and posted a warning publicly on his personal Facebook stating the dangers of attraction “Another travel page posted pictures taken in this limestone mine, avoid visiting the attraction the particles in the air can harm your body”. He also attached information published by a media channel that warns of the dangers in Snow Mountain.

    Credit: Kapook
    Credit: Kapook

    The channel is  Thai PBS that stated “Experts warn against visiting Snow Mountain in Chonburi. The dangers is in the dust particles, excess amounts can lead to Pnueomia, the area has been closed down and is labeled as a dangerous site. Previously, Modmagazine posted a picture taken at the Snow Mountain inviting netizens to the attraction. There were no warnings, only inviting words that advertised the beauty of the attraction.

    Prof. Jessada explained that the mountains are just a pile of rocks from mining. The shape is formed from limestone mixed together with concrete. Many confuse this with Asbestos which is an extremely dangerous cancer triggering mineral that has been banned in most countries around the world. Although not as dangerous, the particles can still lead to Pnuenomia and increased risks of cancer if inhaled in excessive amounts.

    FB Caption: The limestone particles can lead to Pneumonia and increased risks of cancer if inhaled in excessive amounts.

    Source: Facebook User: Jessada Denduangboripant, Kapook, Thai PBS


  • Prime Minister opens Samui Festival 2019

    Thai Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha officially announced the opening of Samui Festival 2019 on the 13th of this month (September 2019). The opening ceremony took place at the Chaweng Beach Waterfall, Bophut Sub-district, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani Province. This is the 4th year of the Samui Festival in Surat Thani, one of Thailand’s greatest tourist destinations, famous for its clear beaches and unique island vibe.

    Suthep Thaugsuban and other members from the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) were also at the grand opening of the festival. The Prime Minister gave a speech at the event. Some parts of the speech include “I like to come here in the South because of the smiles of the people here. We can’t keep believing the same things, we have to take new methods. We have to adapt, in order to please everyone’s needs. Everyone has to change and listen to the government in ways of Democracy.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    We have to survive and live in peace. Therefore no one can break us apart. What’s important is Nation, Religion, King. I confirm that the government is working as hard as it can for all citizens, we won’t leave anyone behind. The funds are coming in, but it’s not possible to be done all at once. If we work together then no one can stop the country going forward.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    Therefore please decrease the conflict and to understand one another, this is to develop the nation, there is no purpose in fighting with each other. Stop blaming others, if no one does this then the government can’t do it either. Today we have the same Prime Minister, some love and some hate, but In Koh Samui, all love the Prime Minister. If you love me then I ask you to love all members of the government, take care of the government.”

    The Prime Minister ended the speech with an important lesson “Today Thailand is stepping forward, let’s not bring it backward, we’ve been walking for along time. If someone tries to drag us back, then we return to the same problems nothing will get better. Everyone is working with the goal of a better future for our children and loved ones. We all have to make sacrifices. The government cannot be the only ones working, the government has to look after everyone in the nation.”.

    FB Caption: “Today we have the same Prime Minister, some love and some hate, but In Koh Samui, all love the Prime Minister.”

    Source: INN News


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