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  • New arrests of criminals hiding in Thailand.

    There are 2 new arrests made by the Immigration Police related to criminals hiding in Thailand. The first arrest is of a Burmese man with an arrest warrant out in his name in Myanmar. While the second arrest is of a Chinese man with a fraud case attached to him including damages of over 85 Million THB.

    The Immigration Police was informed of Soe Htun, a man with an arrest warrant out in his name in Myanmar. Officials traced back his travels and didn’t find any information coming in or leaving Thailand since 2017. The investigation discovered security camera footage that showed Soe at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Officials believe that he entered the country illegally. New information showed that Soe had checked into a hotel in Phranakorn, Bangkok. The police found him as planned and the arrest was made.

    The next case is the arrest of a Chinese man who had overstayed his Visa in Thailand. Chen Ying 45 years old is on the escape from a bank fraud case with criminal charges in China. Back in 2013, Chen handed in fake contracts, fake financial credits, and other fake documents to a bank in China as he was applying for a loan. His acts caused damages of over 85 Million THB.

    Chen left China on 27 March 2014. Chinese officials put out an arrest warrant on charges of fraud for Chen on 23 August 2017. Officials discovered that Chen had history showing that he had been hiding in Chonburi Province and had overstayed his Visa. Chen came into Thailand on a tourist Visa TR-15 on 28 March 2014.

    The Visa expired on 11 April 2014, Chen extended his Visa at the Samut Prakan Immigration Office under medical reasons that allowed him to stay in the Kingdom for another 90 days, 8 July 2014. This was his last extension to stay in Thailand.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    Chen was arrested in Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province and was sent to the Bang Lamung Police for prosecution.

    FB Caption: He had caused over 85 Million THB of damages to a bank back in his country.


  • Man blames insulin for robbing 3 ATMs.

    A man went on an ATM robbery spree after he tried to break into 3 ATMs in one night, though he didn’t get any money from the crime. The man committed the crime in the early morning of 9 October 2019 and was arrested the next day on 10 October 2019. The Sam Dam Police in Bangkok arrested Prakit 36 years old under an arrest warrant issued by the Thonburi Criminal Court no.530/2562 issued on the same day of the arrest.

    He used a white Yamaha motorbike with no license plate to help commit the crimes. Police received information about a man riding his bike attempting to break into ATMs in the area. He used a metal pole as the equipment and tried to tear the ATMs open, but turns out it wasn’t as easy as he thought. Prakit made 0 THB after all he did to commit the crime.

    The first ATM Prakit tried to break into belonged to Kasikorn Bank, the second ATM belonged to Thanachart Bank, and the last ATM also belonged to Kasikorn Bank. The first 2 ATMs were located in the area of the Bangbon Police Station while the last ATM was located in the area of Samdam Police Station.

    Police from both police stations worked together and went to inspect the ATMs. They reviewed all the security footage until they discovered his route home. When officials were sure Prakit was the man that they were looking for the police requested an arrest warrant from the court. They then arrested him and found the motorbike used as the vehicle in the robbery captured by the security footage.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    Prakit stated admitted to attempting to break into the ATMs. He stated that after drinking 6 to 7 bottles of beer adding to the fact that he had just taken an insulin shot for his diabetes made him go crazy losing all sense of right and wrong. His sugar level was over 400 so he needed to take the shot right away when he was drinking. After the combination of beer and insulin, Prakit grabbed a metal pole and drove his motorbike to the ATMs.

    He insists that he went crazy and lost all consciousness because he wore his pants inside out to commit the crime. The police have contacted both bank owners of the ATMs and Prakit will be prosecuted accordingly.

    FB Caption: Prakit insists that the combination of beer and insulin made him lose all consciousness, he even wore his pants inside out to commit the crime.

    Source: Sanook


  • Girl arrested after stealing boss’s credit card.

    The Crime Suppression Division arrested a girl after she went on a shopping spree using her Boss’s credit card. Nattamon Puangjumpa 26 years old was arrested under the power of an arrest warrant issued by the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court. Another man named Pornchai 30 years old, Nattamon’s husband was also arrested under the power of an arrest warrant issued by the Dusit District Court.

    The victim came to report the incident with the Crime Suppression Division with the intention for the Division to help track Nattamon, the employee turned thief. Nattamon had called the bank of the credit card claiming to be the owner of a card she had stolen from the boss’s desk. She informed the bank that any transactions made with the card is allowed by the card owner. After doing so, Nattamon withdrew cash from the card and then used it shortly after.

    The victim didn’t realize what had happened until the bank sent the monthly credit card bill. The victim knew that he never used this card, after checking her realized that Nattamon was the one who took it. The victim went to file a report at the Pub Pla Chai Police Station on the day of the discovery.

    The investigation police found out Nattamon was hiding in Jomthong District in Bangkok. They tracked her down and successfully arrested her while she was in her room. She admitted that she was working at a company in Bobae as a company administrator. One day, she stole the card from the boss’s desk as she had an idea where the boss might have placed documents. The card was sent from the bank to the company’s address.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    Nattamon then called the bank and stated that she wanted to activate the card. When the bank sent a notification that the card was activated, she went and withdrew cash from the ATM. There is no exact number on how much Nattamon had used on the card, but it is at least 10,000 THB.

    Nattamon gave reasoning to her crime, she has 5 children and there was not enough money. She had to steal the money in order to keep taking care of the children. The police then found out that the father of the children named Pornchai had an arrest warrant out in his name under the charges of theft. Officials informed Pornchai to pick up his wife, they arrested him on the same day Nattamon was arrested. Pornchai admitted he had stolen money from a company located in Phayathai, Bangkok, but he was willing to pay every baht back.

    FB Caption: Nattamon stated that she needed the money for her 5 children.

    Source: INN News



  • Syrian and Finnish man arrested in Thailand.

    A Syrian man was arrested in Thailand for carrying a fake passport on an international flight. Also caught in August, a Finnish man was arrested for beating up a Thai woman while he was attempting to leave the country.

    The Immigration Police arrested an 18-year-old Syrian man on 1 August 2019 using a fake Emirati passport which is a passport issued to citizens from the United Emirates (UAE) in Thailand. His original destination is England and he was using Thailand as a layover between his travels.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    The Syrian man was on his way to seek asylum in England with a fake passport. He stated that the fake passport was sent to him via post in Lebanon from his brother for the price of 1,500 USD. He then used the passport to travel to Thailand. He was arrested by officers at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

    The officers discovered that he was carrying a fake passport from the Biometrics system that revealed the passport hidden inside the pocket in his pants. The man planned to stay in Thailand until the 8th of August when he was supposed to jump on a plane to England. Another ticket was purchased for a flight from London in England to Muchen in Germany.

    The Finland citizen was arrested under assault after he beat up a Thai girl in Chonburi Province and was on his way to leave the country. The victim filed a report with the police reporting what the Finnish man had done to her. The court has accepted her case with a timestamp of 22 August 2019.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    Officials received information about the wanted man on the same date as the court timestamp at 18.00. The Finnish man was found at the airport on the same day ready to leave the country at 21.00.

    The officials at the airport helped arrest the man. This was done by informing all immigration stakeholders to keep an eye out for a Finnish man who looked like the suspect. Officials include AOT, AOC, customs, Immigration Police, Suvarnabhumi officials, Tourism Police, and more. There is a team called “Immigration Home Team” who keeps track of international suspects on the run across the nation.

    FB Caption: The Syrian man was carrying a fake Emirati Passport while the Finnish man was trying to leave the country right after he beat up a Thai Woman.


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