• Newborn Twins abandoned on Don Mueang Overpass.

    Newborn twins were found by pedestrians left abandoned on an overpass in the Don Mueang area, Bangkok. The twins were placed inside a shopping bag on the metal overpass. The pedestrian was shocked and decided to notify the officials right away. The incident took place in the early hours of 3 November 2019.

    Officials received a call at 2.35 am about newborn twins abandoned on an overpass near the Don Mueang Railway Station. The overpass connected the Don Mueang Railway Station to the Don Mueang Airport The caller did not know who the newborns belonged to as they were left inside a shopping bag at an area with not many people at that time in the night, it was clear the intentions were to dispose of the babies.

    The local rescue team was notified of the discovery shortly after. When the team arrived they found a yellow shopping bag placed on the floor of the overpass. Inside were 2 newborns placed by each other. Turns out both are female, one was wrapped in a pink cloth and the other was wrapped in orange cloth, inside the bag was also a bottle of milk.

    The rescue team performed emergency medical care to make sure that the newborns were safe. The twins were then delivered to the Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital for further medical care. Officials are investigating the matter to find out who abandoned the children that can hopefully lead to finding the true mother. The first step is to check all the security footage in the area to track the person holding the yellow shopping bag down.

    Thankfully the good citizen discovered the newborns before anything bad happened to them, or in the case of the wrong person finding them. Hopefully, we will hear updates about the twins in the future, they are now in safe hands that will make sure they will get to grow old into stronger women.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    FB Caption: The newborn twins were found in a yellow shopping bag on the metal floor of the overpass.

    Source: INN News



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