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  • Fake Vet robs Real Vets

    Sirilak Junjuem known as Dr. Nam 25 years old the owner of Happy Vet Care Clinic and Dr. Ying Tanipat Kajadpaik 31 years old owner of Tanipat Vet Clinic went to file a report with the Crime Suppression Division (CSD). The two veterinarians want to ask for justice in a case involving Teerawut 48 years old after he stole a car and millions of THB. There has been a report filed at the Kannayao Police Station in Bangkok on 5 October 2019 but the 2 vets wish that the process would go faster.

    Dr.Ying stated that in 2014 she invested in opening a vet clinic named Tanipat Vet. She hired Teerawut who was the brother of her best friend at the time to come help her take care of the clinic’s accounting and also be her vet assistant. In 2018 she started noticing suspicious details in the accounting and the fact that medication from the clinic was disappearing mysteriously. She decided to keep a close watch and discovered Teerawut stealing the clinic’s money for his own personal purposes and stealing medication to sell for other people. When she confronted Teerawut, he flat out denied and started to harm himself. Teerawut believed that harming and hurting his own body would make Dr.Ying believe the money and medication disappeared by itself. Teerawut finally ran away and Dr.Ying went to file a report with the Kannayao Police that leads to his arrest.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    Teerawut denied all charges and was let out on bail. While he was out, he sent job applications to other veterinary clinics and also stole from them. The damage in Dr. Ying’s case not including other victims amounts to over 3 Million THB. There are more victims of Teerawut but the evidence has not been confirmed to how much was stolen from them, but it is estimated to be many more millions. The victim decided to file a report with the CSD in hopes of finally locking Teerawut up and to stop him from stealing from other vet clinics. An officer has interviewed both of the vets and will be investigating the case to find more evidence against Teerawut

    FB Caption: When she confronted Teerawut, he flat out denied and started to harm himself.


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