• Fewer leaving Bangkok for New Year’s in fear of Covid-19

    Fewer people are leaving Bangkok for this upcoming New Year celebrations. As Covid-19 numbers start to rise just a few weeks before the arrival of New Year’s. Mo Chit Bus terminal in Bangkok during this time is considered busy compared to other days of this year. But, when compared to past new years celebration periods the bus terminal is considered strangely quiet. Although not normal for new years in Thailand it is understandable, The Thai people are afraid of Covid-19 as numbers keep on running. The Transport Company has set up checkpoints as a security measure against the virus, this includes measuring passengers temperature.


    Credit: INN News

    About 39,000 passengers have already left Mo Chit on 29 December 2020 at 18.00, heading to their home provinces with goals of reuniting with their loved ones. Passengers travel to the bus terminal waiting for their bus to arrive. Many long bus routes choose to leave during the evening so that they will arrive in the provinces when the sun rises. The Transport Company has put in safety regulation from when the virus entered the nation up until now. Passengers must check into the bus terminal or write down their name to show that they were at the terminal. This will help officials discover who have come into contact with new Covid cases in the future.


    Credit: INN News


    Passengers who wish to travel by bus or van from the Mo Chit Bus Terminal must purchase tickets online before arriving at the terminal. This includes via website, ticket agents, and other options. By pre-purchasing the tickets there won’t be a line waiting to purchase tickets to help lower the risk of Covid-19 spreading. Persons without a mask will not be allowed into the area. It is important to wear your mask correctly, not under your nose, or your chin. Remember to practice social distancing no matter where you are, you never know who the person standing next to you has been.


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  • Christmas Fair At Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok’s – Join19-20 December!

    There’s nothing like a lively Christmas Fair complete with a towering Christmas tree, garlands and twinkling fairy lights to create an air of festivity and good cheer. One of the most enduring family festive traditions, it’s an opportunity for the community to come together.

    This year, Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel will be hosting its Christmas Fair ( on 19-20 December. Over two days, Bangkok residents and visitors will be invited to browse the stalls piled high with locally-made arts and crafts, home-baked goodies and other artisanal creations, all of which make perfect stocking fillers.

    Christmas Treats

    To recreate the spirit of traditional Christmas markets with their coziness, glitz and seasonal treats, the event will also feature a gourmet element – a food festival. As the aromas of mulled wine, cookies, gingerbread, roasted chestnuts and spices perfume the air, guests can experience the end-of-the-year holiday the European way.

    For the adults, live music and lucky draws will provide an added diversion, while the youngest guests will find a real Christmas wonderland at the Kids’ Zone with team games, a bouncing castle, face painting and dance competitions. The bearded man himself will be stopping by to hand out gifts to all those who have been nice this year.

    Children Activities Avani Sukhumvit Christmas Fair

    The Christmas Fair will take place on the 7th floor of Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok between 19-20 December. Entry is free for one Adult with one paying kid in the Kids’ Zone entry fee with an entry fee of THB 350 per child.

    Children Activities Avani Sukhumvit Christmas Fair

    If you are interested in traveling this year to a new place to experience Christmas, why not try some Chilly Nights and Warm Christmas Cheer – Celebrate This Festive Season with Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

  • Crowds gather as iphone 12 is released

    There were long queues at the Apple store as the iPhone 12 was released in Thailand this yesterday morning November 27.

    Hundreds of devotees converged on the company’s flagship store in Southeast Asia at the IconSiam shopping mall in Bangkok.

    The release coincided with ‘Black Friday’. iPhone 12 prices start at 29,900 Baht (738.97 GBP) in Thailand for a 256GBP model.

    Apple has two stores in Bangkok but none in neighbouring countries of the Philippines, Laos, or Cambodia.

    Analysts have previously spoke of the firm’s confidence in the Thai market despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which has stopped international tourists.

  • Thailand’s Hotel Profits Continue To Tumble As Neighbours Start To Recover

    The South East Asia Hotel Investors’ Summit (SEAHIS), which will hold its fourth edition in December, will be staged amid the deepest downturn the hospitality industry has ever faced. As the impact of COVID-19 continues to ravage global travel and tourism, top executives from 62 companies and organisations based in Thailand, or with an office in the Kingdom, as well as 30 remote speakers, will come together to tackle the biggest issues faced by hoteliers.

    The scale of the task is clearly shown by recently-released data comparing the profitability of hotels around Asia. According to the October 2020 report from Hotstats, the benchmarking company, Thailand’s hotel profits were wiped out in the first 10 months of 2020, as Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room (GOPPAR) fell from US$58 per available room to break-even.

    The hardest hit market in the January-October 2020 period was Hong Kong, where GOPPAR slumped from US$150 to a loss of US$27. Singapore fell from US$117 to US$34, as government schemes helped the city-state remain slightly profitable. More worryingly for hoteliers in Thailand however, while most other markets started to recover during October 2020, the “Land of Smiles” saw a GOP loss of US$9 Per Available Room, down 121% compared to the same month in 2019.

    With widespread deployment of a vaccine perhaps still six months away and travel corridors being repeatedly postponed, the regional hotel sector faces a bleak winter. SEAHIS will see key stakeholders come together in person to discuss how the industry can return to profitability, and most importantly, start to rehire the thousands of workers who have sadly lost their livelihoods during the pandemic.

    • Important topics on the two-day SEAHIS agenda include:
    • The optimal way to cut costs
    • Using travel tech to boost revenues
    • Rethinking restaurant and bar offerings
    • Restructuring owner-brand relationships
    • Examining paths to ecological sustainability
    • Investing in acquisitions and renovations at a low point and, of course;
    • Redesigning hotels for the new normal

    thailand hotel seahis covid-19 bangkok

    Simon Allison, CEO of HOFTEL, the hotel owners’ organisation which runs SEAHIS noted: “Hotels around the region are in an awful hole and their owners are watching years of investment disappearing before their eyes. They will need to act decisively to see their way through the next year. SEAHIS will help them take affirmative action to ensure the viable future of their businesses.”

    Stephen vanden Auweele, Chief Hospitality Group Officer of Asset World Corporation, one of Thailand’s largest hotel owners, said: “This terrible crisis has pushed us all to the wall. But it has also made us learn new lessons, forcing us to focus on excellence, customer service and efficiency and to find out innovative ways of using technology. Going forward, being average just won’t be enough.”

    Anchalika Kijkanakorn, Managing Director and founder of AKARYN Hotel Group, agreed that we need to look past the pandemic to a brighter future: “While COVID-19 has been an unprecedented catastrophe, the fact that Thailand has pulled through with few physical casualties is a great testament to the mindset of our country. Now, we just need to make sure the economic impact doesn’t leave too much of a scar. We can get through this with the help of good banking governance, strong public policy and resilience.”

    SEAHIS 2020 will take place on 1-2 December 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit. For more information, please visit

    Enquiries about the summit can be directed to Simon Allison, CEO of HOFTEL, at: Tel: +44 7771 762274 Email: [email protected]

  • Cathay Pacific teams up with selected hospitals for passengers to get COVID-19 PCR tests

    BANGKOK, TH, November 2020 — As COVID-19 PCR test is mandatory for arrival in many destinations, Cathay Pacific has cooperated with selected hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket to offer their passengers a special rate for COVID-19 tests from now until 31 December 2020. This is done in effort to boost confidence and safety amongst travellers who need to travel during the COVID-19 situation.

    To receive this offer, passengers will only need to present their Cathay Pacific e-ticket at the selected hospitals in Bangkok or Phuket.  Passengers must also ensure their COVID-19 tests are taken no more 72 hours before a flight.

    For more information, please refer to below table or visit


    Participating Hospital

    Medical Service

    Package Price (THB)


    • Phyathai 1 Hospital

    • Phyathai 2 Hospital

    • Paolo (Phaholyothin) Hospital

    1 time COVID-19 PCR Test

    3,500 / person

    • Bangkok Hospital

    4,500 / person

    • Bumrungrad International Hospital

    4,500 / person


    • Bangkok Hospital Phuket

    5,900 / person


    Cathay Pacific has resumed semi-commercial flights from 7 October, 2020, operating four flights per week from Hong Kong to Bangkok and vice versa, Cathay Pacific is now offering flight connections for passengers in Bangkok to and from 25 destinations in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

    For a detailed list of connections, please visit

    Cathay Pacific has recently launched a LINE official account as a new service channel and is available to support passengers with their bookings in both Thai and English from 8:00am to 5:30pm, Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays.

    Passengers can simply add Cathay Pacific as a friend on the LINE application by the account name: @cathayth or click the link here:

    Cathay Care

    Cathay Care encapsulates Cathay Pacific’s enhanced measures across every stage of the passenger journey, from check-in to the cabin, so customers can travel with a peace of mind.

    Click here to find out how.

  • “Walking Street @Silom” New destination in Town.

    Brand New city market “Walking Street @Silom” opens up (15 December 2019) welcoming visitors to the brand new destination in town every 3rd Sunday of the month from 12.00 to 22.00. Right from lunchtime, big crowds of locals and tourists have joined in the grand opening by shopping for goods and tasting cool dishes along the famous Silom road. The stalls line both sides of Silom road under the BTS Skytrain elevated rails to give some shade from the bright sun. 

    Over 300 businesses have joined the walking street with 70% being food stalls including classic Thai food and trendy options including drinks and desserts to end a perfect meal. Visitors can also shop home products including handmade goods, OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) goods, clothes, and other goods. There are also street performers who will be a part of the experience of Walking Street @Silom.


    There is a stage in the middle of the street with various shows such as a Thai Dance show. The Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut Chan-o-cha went on the stage to officially open Walking Street @Silom up for business. The main concept behind the event is to “Walk, Eat, Taste, and Explore”. The new walking street will promote tourism in the area along with boosting the economy in the area. The Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang joined in the grand opening celebration.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News


    The Prime Minister stated in his ceremonial speech that tourists visit Thailand because of the beautiful nature, delicious food that is good and cheap, and Thai Smile. The Thai people need to keep these good qualities by continuing to smile and to have peace along with efficiency and safety. The government wants to increase tourism, but safety and stability must come first. The government can’t approve every project because there is a budget. The Prime Minister touched on a few other topics before ending with a statement that the people must become one, the Thai’s must stand solo and to not let any person destroy this unity.

    FB Caption: The Prime Minister gave an opening speech at the brand new walking street on Silom Road, Bangkok.


  • Indonesian woman arrested after robbing gold shop.

    The Police in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province arrested Erri Weneae 37 years old from Indonesia on 11 December 2019. The suspect had stolen 1 Baht of gold from a local gold shop in Tungsong District on 20 November 2019. Officials took the suspect back to where the robbery took place for a re-enactment of the crime. Immigration police arrested the suspect at the Sa Kaeo Province Immigration Office. When they realized who she was and the crimes in her name, officials arrested her on the spot before delivering the suspect to the Tungsong Police Station in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

    During the re-enactment, Erri participated with the police accordingly with no issues throughout the process. She revealed that the first step was to confuse Pakakaew, the gold shop employee working at the time of the robbery. Erri would ask to see several gold pieces before telling Pakakaew that she didn’t want them. As Pakakaew took the gold back and placed them on the wall behind the counter, the suspect grabbed the gold and ran out of the gold shop.

    The security footage inside the shop confirmed Erri’s confession, there was also footage showing the suspect running on the street moments after she left the gold shop. A report was filed to the Tungsong Police and investigation discovered that the criminal was an Indonesian woman. An arrest warrant was issued for Erri Weneau.

    Then on 11 December 2019 officials from the Tungsong Police Station received notification from the Sa Kaeo Immigration Office stating that they have arrested the suspect in the case. The police went to pick up the suspect from Sa Kaeo Province back to Nakhon Si Thammarat, where the gold theft took place. At first, Erri admitted that she was the suspect who stole the gold and claimed that this was her first time stealing gold from a gold shop. Her criminal record revealed different as she had robbed multiple gold shops in other districts. Erri has done this so many times, the Gold Traders Association in Thailand has Blacklisted her name. History also confirms that Erri visits Thailand on a regular basis.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    FB Caption: Erri has done this so many times, the Gold Traders Association in Thailand has Blacklisted her name.


  • 15 year old forced to use and sell drugs

    A 15 year old girl called her father for help after she was forced by her boyfriend to become a deliver drugs for his gang. Officials at the Nang Rong Police Station in Buriram Province were notified by the father on 14 December 2019 about the 15 year old girl. The father reported that his daughter was kept locked inside a rented room in Nang Rong District forced to deliver drugs for a local drug gang. If she doesn’t follow the orders than the gang would beat her up.

    A number of officials went on a rescue mission to save the girl at the house. When they arrived, officials found out that there were 2 rooms. The search discovered 1 teenager and 3 minors, one of them was Aum 15 years old from Lahansai District in Buriram the daughter of the father who notified the police for help. When the police entered the home, Aum saw her aunt who was with the police. Aum ran and hugged her aunt in tears as she realized that she is now safe.

    After searching both rooms officials found crystal meth, Yaba pills, guns, equipment for drug use, and a digital scale to weigh the crystal meth. The evidence was hidden in random spots throughout both of the rooms. It appears that the drugs were for personal use by the people in the house as there was equipment for crystal meth use and the digital scale which is to weigh the crystal meth. All of the evidence has been seized and will be used in the prosecution of the case. Louis 33 years old was in the house when the police arrived but he managed to getaway.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    The 15-year-old stated that she met Louis at a Karaoke restaurant in Pakam District. Louis invited her to come to stay with him and a few other friends. He then asked Aum to use drugs before forcing her to deliver drugs for him. Louis has taken her on trips to pick up drug shipments and uses her to deliver the drug orders. Aum didn’t want to be involved anymore with fear of being arrested. Louis didn’t like the idea and started threatening to hurt her using a gun. From the fear of dying she decided to call her father.

    FB Caption: The father reported that his daughter was kept locked up inside a rented room in Nang Rong District forced to deliver drugs for a local gang.

    Source: Sanook



  • Mall customers flee as Power Strip catches on fire.

    A big mall in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan almost caught on fire causing customers to race to the exit. Smoke filled the mall with the source coming from a toy store. This story is a good warning to choose quality power strips with surge protectors and to not overload a power outlet. The incident was shared by a Facebook page named Here is Bang Phli in Thai on 12 December 2019.

    A picture was attached in the post showing the melted power strip and the remains of the fire that started to melt the cords. Smoke slowly started inside the toy store before it spread throughout the floor. Shop vendors and customers in the mall noticed the smoke and feared for a fire before rushing to the nearest exit. Luckily the store staff and the mall’s security guards put out the fire in time with fire extinguishers before the flames caught onto something else.

    Credit: MGR Online

    The Sanook News Team went to the mall and discovered that the store with the source of the fire was locked up with metal chains. The security guards blocked off any media from entering or taking any footage near the toy store. The main cause of the fire is estimated to be an electrical fire from multiple power strips and extension cords. One of the power strips might’ve not had a surge protector and power overloaded in one of the cords that were too small or low quality.

    Credit: Chiang Mai Air Care
    Credit: Chiang Mai Air Care

    This incident is a good reminder that power strips are an extremely important product that needs to have certain quality guidelines when purchasing. Power strips can be bought in Thailand at prices as low as 20 THB. When taken apart, the low priced power strips reveal that they are made with 2 thin wires or metal bars inside that is expected to supply power to multiple electrical devices. On your next power strip purchase make sure to look for ones with surge protectors or at least one that has been approved by the TISI logo (Thai Industrial Standards Institute).

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    FB Caption: A good reminder to why a 20THB power strip is not worth the savings.

    Source: Sanook, Facebook Page: ที่นี้….บางพลี


  • Expensive vehicle abandoned filled with drugs.

    3 men abandoned an expensive car in the Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok filled with drugs inside. Police Officers from the Sam Dum Police Station discovered 100 packs of Yaba pills, a total of 200,000 pills placed inside a large bag. The drugs came from a car that was abandoned by the road in Bang Khun Thian. The suspects inside the car fled and chose to leave the car to run away from any risks with the police. Sam Dum officials were notified by a patrol officer from the Tha Kam Police Station. The patrol officer suspected unusual activities from the group of persons in the car who were all acting suspicious.

    There are 2 main points were drugs were found. At the first point, the police discovered a sack with a bird logo. Inside was 20 packs of Yaba pills coming to a total of 40,000 pills. At the second point, officials found a Hyundai H-1 with a Bangkok license plate parked in front of a cafe. The car keys and a phone was left on the car console. In the back of the car was a large blue sack with 80 packs of Yaba pills, a total of 160,000 pills. Right by the blue sack was 2 liters of boiled Kratom juice inside 2 soda bottles.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    The patrol official found 2 men placing the first sack with the bird logo by the road. When they saw that an officer was driving by the men got scared and jumped into the car and drove away. The car was found abandoned in front of the cafe. The license plate inspection revealed that the car belongs to Adisorn 33 years old from Samut Songkhram Province with no criminal record. Adisorn has changed his name and is currently using the name Nattapat. Officials have revealed that there are 3 suspects who were dropping off the drugs when a patrol officer happened to drive by.

    FB Caption: The patrol officer happened to drive by right when the men were dropping off drug orders by the road.

    Source: INN News



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