• Woman escapes fancy beauty salon without paying.

    The story was shared by Facebook user “Prow Picha” along with attached footage from the security camera after a woman came in and got her hair dyed before leaving without paying. The incident took place in a famous mall located on Kanchanapisek Road, Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi Province. The woman was in the salon for at least 3 hours and no one suspected she was ever going to run away from paying.

    The picture shows the salon employees helping to bleach and dye her hair. Prow stated in the Facebook post “A customer walked into the salon and it happened to be my turn for service. We all welcomed her and treated her like a queen. The customer told us she wanted to dye her hair, including a hair bleaching process. When we talked to her she even asked us if we had hair extension services and facial spa services.

    Her questions truly made us think that she was a real paying customer interested in many of our services. She then told us to do her makeup while her hair was processing. She kept on rushing us to do her makeup, but we kept telling her that it wasn’t a good idea and we should wait until the hair dye is done. The customer took it a step further and asked us how much it cost to get the hair straightened as her friend wanted to have straight hair. We told her and she tried to make a deal for a better price. Extremely convincing that she was a real customer.

    Facebook User: Prow Picha
    Facebook User: Prow Picha

    What we did not know was she made us not suspect anything when her friend arrived later in the day. We asked her if she wanted a hair treatment as her hair was extremely damaged and she agreed. We finished bleaching and dyeing her hair and we were about to start doing her makeup when she told us she had to go pick-up her friend downstairs. We didn’t suspect anything and let her go.

    She left at 19.20 and did not return at 21.00 when it was time for the salon to close down. This woman got the most expensive hair dye from Shiseido priced at 3,500 THB, hair bleach at 1,000 THB, and Shiseido hair treatment at 1,000 (good thing we didn’t do her makeup or it would be 1,000 more), together she ran away with 5,500 worth of service.”

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    The incident took place on 18 September 2019. The employees in the salon never saw her again. She left with hair that was much prettier and healthier than when she first walked into the salon. She also walked out still wearing the hair cape from the salon. Prow further stated that she had just entered the business and was shocked by what happened to her. A police report has been filed and the salon wishes to warn others in the industry to beware of the woman in the pictures.

    FB Caption: The customer got away with 5,500 THB worth of salon services.

    Source: INN News, Facebook User: Prow Picha 


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