• 2 men kidnapped teenager from mall for ransom

    The police were on a hunt for the suspects after a teenager was kidnapped from a mall then held as a hostage in exchange for ransom. The suspects ended up receiving 4,000 THB before dropping the child off. Vinij 26 years old and Chokchai 26 years old were arrested under the power of an arrest warrant issued on 7 December 2019 from the Nonthaburi Provincial Court.

    The Nonthaburi Police was notified by Samran 54 years old, the father of the victim, A 17 years old. Samran notified the police on 6 December 2019 at 14.30. A was walking in a shopping mall located on Ngamwongwan Road when he was approached by a man who forced him to leave the mall. They went to the underground parking lot and got on a motorbike before driving to Ngamwongwan 18.

    One of the suspects forced A to call a parent and inform them that he needed 4,000 THB. The suspects waited for A to receive the money in his bank account before driving him to an SCB ATM on Tiwanon Road. The suspects forced A to withdraw the cash and hand it to them. They didn’t let A go right away, but instead forced him to jump back on the motorbike before dropping the victim off at the Nonthaburi City Hall.

    Police investigators discovered that the 2 suspects were Vinij and Chokchai. Officials gathered the evidence before filing it to the Nonthaburi Court for an issue of the arrest warrant. Both were arrested successfully as planned. The suspects admitted at the time of the arrest that they were the ones who captured A from the mall and forced the victim to give them cash in exchange for release. The police also found the motorbike that was used in committing the crime.

    FB Caption: The suspect was forced to call his father for 4,000 THB in exchange for release.


  • Wanted by Interpol with 468M USD in Damages arrested.

    Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police and related officers reported the arrest of a South Korean man wanted by Interpol hiding in Thailand. Officials received information from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea of a man involved in a Ponzi Scheme called “Pay100” hiding in Thailand.

    Pay100 advertizes to investors claiming that investments will bring back high interests in the form of digital currencies. People from Korea and other nations around the world fell victim to the high claims, there are over 5,000 victims with damages of over 468 Million USD. The suspect is wanted by the Seoul Criminal Court and has a Red Notice from the Interpol.

    There have been multiple Ponzi Scheme cases in Thailand recently with damages amounting to billions of THB, this includes the Mae Manee Ponzi Scheme and the Forex-3D Ponzi Scheme. The Department of Special Investigation and related officials are currently working on both of these cases. The “Pay 100” Ponzi scheme beets all of the Thai Ponzi Schemes as there are victims from around the world with a shocking chart of investments made towards the scheme.

    Jaesong 53 years old traveled into Thailand before the police received information about his crimes and that he is wanted by Interpol. He entered Thailand legally and arrived here on 1 September 2019 at Don Mueang International Airport. He received permission to stay in the country until 29 November 2019. After receiving the information officials realized that he, in fact, came into Thailand to hide from his arrest warrant in South Korea.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    The Immigration Police kept close watch once they realized what Jaesong had done and the number of damages involved in the case. Then on 27 November 2019, the Sa Kaeo Province Immigration Office successfully arrested Jaesong. His visa has been canceled where he has now been deported back to South Korea where his prosecution process will take place.

    FB Caption: People from Korea and other nations around the world fell victim to the high claims, there are over 5,000 victims with damages of over 468 Million USD.


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