• Truck causes Bus crash, 11 injured.

    A ten-wheeled truck suddenly cut in front of a bus that caused an accident with another bus, 11 are injured. The Tungmahamek Police were notified of a road accident on 17 November 2019. Bus no.195 crashed into Bus no.205 on Rama 3 Road, Klong Toey, Bangkok.

    The police went to the location of the accident with the emergency rescue team. Bus no.195 front had been smashed in from the left side with a broken windshield. 11 Passengers were injured from the accident, 4 was delivered to the Charoen Krung Hospital, 4 to the Chulalongkorn Hospital, and 3 to the Kluay Nam Thai Hospital.

    Pramun Srilakorn 51 years old the driver of bus no.205 stated that he was driving on the left lane and bus no.195 was driving right behind him all along the way. When they arrived at a construction site on the road by the Sunthon Kosa Intersection Overpass suddenly a ten-wheeled truck that was carrying dirt drove out from the construction site and cut in front of his bus. He stepped on the breaks so suddenly that the bus no.195 driver could not stop the bus in time, causing the two buses to crash into each other.

    Waruni Pikulkaew 19 years old the bus girl on bus no.195 stated that they were driving behind bus no.205 as usual when a large truck cut in front of bus no.205. The driver tried to stop the bus but they were too close to the bus in the front. The driver yelled to the passengers that the bus won’t break then there was a loud bang and passengers bounced inside the bus.

    Prani Chaisri 40 years old a witness stated that she saw the truck drive out of the construction site without any staff to give signals to the truck driver or the vehicles on the road. This happens often and many vehicles almost get into accidents because of the trucks from the construction site. Hopefully, related sectors will come to take care of the issue as no one seems to be watching the safety at the construction site and the road. Often times there will be dirt left on the road that regularly causes motorbikes to fall down while they are driving.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    FB Caption: Witness states the construction site has no security and accidents happen often. This time the construction site truck cut in front of a bus that crashed into another bus.


  • Man forgets his finger on taxi after trip to hospital.

    China Police received a report of a man who forgot his finger in a taxi on 5 November 2019. Xu is a construction worker and had his finger accidentally cut off while working at the construction site. Xu rushed to the local doctors where they informed him that the finger needed to be connected back to the hand within 5 hours, or else one of his hands would remain with 3 fingers and 1 thumb forever.

    Xu knew he wanted his finger back so he decided to take a taxi to a bigger hospital in Wuhan, Wuchang district which was about a 60 kilometers drive from the hospital he was at. The trip went smoothly and the taxi driver was doing a good just rushing Xu to the hospital. Then when they almost arrived the taxi suddenly got stuck in traffic. Xu was afraid that he wasn’t going to make it on time and decided to go on foot as they were pretty close by. Xu paid then left the taxi and started running to the hospital.

    He successfully arrived at the hospital and was starting with emergency care and hospital documents. This was the moment he realized that the most important item was lost, he had left his finger in the taxi. Xu had paid in a hurry before running out and did not wait to get the receipt, he was shocked and didn’t know what to do.

    The police were contacted. Officials knew that the case needed to be solved as fast as possible in order to reconnect his finger in time. The official responsible for his case checked the security footage and found the taxi’s license number. He then notified other officers of the taxi’s details.

    Credit: Kapook
    Credit: Kapook

    After 30 minutes the taxi was found. While at this time, the taxi driver realized there was a finger wrapped in tissue on the back seat of the taxi. He was already driving back to the hospital to return the finger to Xu. The finger made it back in time where Xu is now living with 5 fingers on both hands.

    This story is indeed a very rare incident. Normally valuable items are left behind in taxis all the time such as purses, wallets, phones, and cameras, but in this case, the item is a finger that desperately needed to be reattached to the owner’s hand. Thanks to the police officers and the taxi driver who realized the importance helped track down the finger just in time.

    FB Caption: In this case, the lost item is a finger that desperately needed to be reattached to the owner’s hand.

    Source: Shanghaiist, Kapook


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