• Dracula – Netflix Series

    Today we are going be talking about the new Netflix series Dracula.

    This series was actually originally released on BBC on January 1st and then the next two episodes released on January 2nd January 3rd.

    However, now it has just been released on Netflix so that is how we at Pattaya Today was able to watch it and I just have to say it was a very very very good series, especially for the second two episodes.

    Honestly in my opinion the third episode dropped the ball heavily.

    It wasn’t without its merits but it definitely wasn’t as good as the first two episodes.

    So let’s talk about Dracula


    We will start with the storyline – so Dracula is, of course, the story of Count Dracula and have told this in a very unique, very interesting and very new way, a way I have never seen in any film or series before.

    This new take on Dracula was so good that was really cool to experience.

    It is probably and to be honest one of my favourite depictions of Dracula to this day.

    The film Vlad the Impaler from Dracula Untold is now in second place in my top three.

    The portrayal of Dracula was done very well and the actor also did a great job being the suave sophisticated yet just deadly animalistic beast at the same time.

    The all-round performance was absolutely great. Some scenes could have been better but all in all most scenes were absolutely stunning. When they were gross and disgusting, they were super gross and disgusting.

    Only a couple of scenes looked like a low-budget series when there was an explosion or two, but in a tv series, those scenes are tough to animate.  I am not expert and I will not go on like I am a visual arts expert, but I can see that they definitely struggled with that.

    The biggest thing you will see and I am assuming other reviewers are going to bring this up, is the fact that there is a big divide between the first two episodes and the third one and I will explain to you why that is.


    So if you have not watched this series yet then the usual spoiler warning whoop-whoop.

    So, I will dive right into that now. The first two episodes happened over a hundred years ago whereas the third episode is modern-day one and is very very interesting. You get a small glimpse near the end of Episode two and it’s very exciting when it does happen.

    When this happened I thought oh “boy we’re going to see Dracula in the future” and I thought that it was a really cool twist. The problem was, we had spent the last two episodes with these characters and this one specific setting and it was a really good story, and even though episode and 2 happened in completely different locations and had completely different storylines they still felt like very good direct sequel continuations.

    They had built such a good storyline at the start yeah definitely episode 2 feeds into episode 3, but episode 3 introduces so many new characters so many new themes that everything just feels so incredibly different that it feels like it could be from a completely different storyline.

    It just felt that they ran out of ideas for the story to continue and needed to change something quickly.

    I am not saying that episode 3 is not good and while it does make sense and they bring the story across from episode one all the way to episode 3, episode 3 just really wasn’t as enjoyable as the first two in any way shape or form.

    In the first two episodes, we spend a lot of time with Dracula busy talking about what are his weaknesses so it was really very interesting when we get that resolution in episode 3.

    At the end of episode 3 when you realize the cause of all of Draculas weaknesses were just in his head, then this incredibly scary threatening beast is just this normal, vampire Oh big whoop.

    You can see that this TV Series was made by the makers of Sherlock, and also Steven Moffat who was involved with my favourite episodes of Doctor Who was also involved with this series.


    As you watch Dracula you can definitely see the elements of the Doctor Who and the Sherlock shows coming into play especially again in episode 3 with the storylines.

    Episode 3 really does feel like it’s been completely separated from the first two because the first two were tense and they were scary, I honestly genuinely got scared at so many different times.

    In episode 3 it was more like a character study, an analysis on Dracula and so everything that work really well in the first two whether it is the intimidating Dracula or all of those creative elements that suckered me in were completely absent in episode 3.

    It is very hard for me to make a proper review of this show as episode 3 in my opinion honestly got a bit boring towards the end.

    Yes the very big exciting twist that happened at the end was good and seeing Dracula in the future was very funny but there are just moments in episode 3 it was a much lower calibre to the first two episodes in my opinion.


    In summary, I would definitely recommend this series especially if you are a fan not just of Dracula but also monsters in general and any supernatural creatures. This is definitely a series that you will enjoy and a series I highly recommend.

    I will just warn you that episode 3 has the potential to seriously let you down. I was literally sitting there in the end going “is that it, you have created, this incredibly captivating awesome scary horrendous beast and now Dracula really is nothing special”.

    I think the reason I am most disappointed about episode 3, is I loved the law and the take of Dracula that they gave us in the first two episodes. I loved this idea of these undead creatures and him busy experimenting to find a bride and stuff like that. Those who are also incredibly unique and captivating. But then in Episode three, they go away from this.

    I know he does (spoiler warning) try to create a bride but it feels like it is such a shallow comparison and a shell of an idea in comparison to what was happening in the first two.

    It is very exciting that we get to see Dracula in the future and it is very much like “oh wow this is incredible we’ve got Dracula in the modern-day, I’ve always wanted an awesome Dracula modern-day story”.

    I think also that’s why I enjoy underworld so much as it is werewolves and vampires but in the modern-day. Who doesn’t love that, it is so incredible and so cool.

    I wait to see if there will be more of this great show.

    This review is only my own opinion and may be completely different from how you guys feel.

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