7/11 are rolling out another new service in Bangkok from this week. You’ll be able to get a raspberry slurpie, hot toastie and drop off your laundry and dry cleaning at the same time.

    The 24 hour service is expected to expand to the rest of the country’s 7/11 stores in the middle of 2019.

    Netizens have been combing through the price lists posted in shops but are confused about which items may not be acceptable for a 7/11 spin dry.

    Sample prices for laundry include…

    • Shirts, Towels, Jeans: 30
    • Bed sheets: 150
    • Duvets and all covers: 349

    For dry cleaning…

    • Shirts: 110
    • Sneakers: 350 (314)
    • Leather jackets: 450
    • Overcoats: 450

    Promotional prices for the new services are approximately 10% less. But underwear and other personal items were not listed leaving netizens to ponder if 7/11 staff weren’t prepared to fondle their ‘personals’.

    Customers can pick up their laundry and dry-cleaning the next day. If items are not collected within three days an SMS is sent and there is home delivery.

    Spring News describes the one-stop convenience store and laundry, a collaboration between CP All, the owners of 7/11, and Cleanmate Company, as a ‘bright idea’.

    The 7/11 laundry is now includes Asoke, Silom Soi 9, Din Daeng and Viphawadee Soi 64. Some 80% of 7/11s will have the service in the New Year.

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