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  • 5 Burmese arrested with fake passports.

    This incident is the arrest of 5 Burmese who were carrying fake passports to enter into Thailand. Police Major General Pornchai Kantee from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of 1. San MG 22 years old, 2. Hla Thein 30 years old, 3. Nu Saw 42 years old, 4. Than Tun 30 years old, and 5. Aung Saw 36 years old.

    The 5 were arrested on 13 October 2019 by officers at the Sapan Bla checkpoint. The 5 presented their passports to the officials but something seemed strange. Officials decided to run their passports through the Biometrics system. The information showed that their traveling information mainly their history of traveling into Thailand does not match the passports.  They were also using different pictures registered in the system.

    The 5 suspects were invited to the Ranong Immigration office. The passports had a stripe on the pages of the passports but when zoomed-in there was no printed “Republic of the Union of Myanmar” revealing the truth that these were fake passports. The suspects revealed that they wanted to come work in Thailand. The group found an agent and paid him 22,000 THB in exchange with the promise of bringing the men into the country.

    On the day of the arrest, the agent met them and handed them the 5 passports. Inside on pages 10, 12, and 13 were immigration stamps, but the 5 have never traveled into Thailand before. Investigation revealed information on a boat driver named Htay Myint also Burmese. He was the boat driver that delivered the 5 suspects from Koh Song to Ranong Province.

    Htay Myint stated that he was hired to pick up the 5 Burmese at the Koh Song Pier and deliver them to Sapan Bla Pier. The man gave him 5 passports to give the suspects when he met them along with a payment of 350 THB. The police will continue investigating the case. The 5 suspects will be prosecuted accordingly.

    FB Caption:  Inside on pages 10, 12, and 13 were Thailand immigration stamps, but the 5 have never traveled into Thailand before.

    Source: INN News


  • Fake Passport for Illegal workers caught.

    The Immigration Police found information in February 2019 of a gang making fake passports especially for foreign immigration working illegally in Thailand. One of the gangs making these fake passports were arrested in Nonthaburi Province. After the arrest of such a gang, the demand for fake passports raised in a short period of time.

    The arrest in February caused fear amongst other fake passport gangs. These gangs relocated their base to the borders and into countries connected to Thailand including Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The fake passports are being sent through post services and on vehicles traveling into Thailand.

    Officials received information on 7 October 2019 that there will be a shipment with fake passports on a van from Mae Sot to Bangkok. The police knew exactly which van was carrying the shipments but they let the van travel into Bangkok so they could point out who ordered the shipment. The first suspect was a Burmese woman who came to ask if there was an envelope delivered in her name. This is when the officials revealed themselves and asked to see what was inside the envelope. There were 4 fake passports. Each passport had been customized with numbers printed inside that did not match the passport stamp. The first suspect admitted to ordering the fake passports.

    The second suspect was another Burmese who was staying in suspect’s 1 room for 5 days waiting for the passports to be delivered. The first suspect then told the police she could bring in the 3 other suspects. The suspect contacted the 3 and informed them the shipment had arrived and to come to pick it up. When the 3 arrived, they were arrested on the spot.

    Suspect numbers 3, 4, and 5 took the police to a room where suspects number 6 to 11 were arrested. Suspect no. 1 admitted that she rented a room, especially for illegal workers to hide while they wait for their fake passports to arrive. Suspect no.1 will order the passports through an agent living right across the border in Mae Sot, Tak Province. The fake passports will then be shipped into Thailand through shipment services at the border.

    FB Caption: 11 illegal workers were arrested after the police found out about their fake passport shipments.

    Source: Immigration.go.th


  • Seven Chinese charged over using fake passports in test-taking scam

    Thai police have arrested seven Chinese who were allegedly hired to take ACT (American College Testing) exams on behalf of other test-takers who wanted good results in order to apply to study in the United States, Immigration Police Bureau chief Pol Lt-Gen Surachate Hakparn told a press conference on Monday.

    The first batch of five suspects – Chinese nationals Wang Jie, 27, Huang Li, 27, Lin Jia, 28, and Chen Juan, 33, and one American national, Yao Michael Li, 30 – were arrested on Friday afternoon at the ACT examination site at Mahidol University’s Salaya Campus in Nakhon Pathom. The five suspects reportedly confessed to police that they had been hired to take the ACT exams on behalf of the real applicants for between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan (about Bt47,500-Bt95,000) per person.

    They said a China-based agency had helped coordinate with the customers and arranged for their accommodation, travel expenses and fake passports – containing the real applicants’ details, but with the suspects’ photos – to undertake the task. They were to get good results in the exam, discard the fake passports and travel back to their home countries, police quoted them as saying. The second batch of two suspects – Chinese nationals He Liu, 28, and Huang Xiofan, 39 – were arrested on Saturday at the ACT examination site at NIST International School in Bangkok’s Watthana district.

    Police also found that Liu was carrying eight fake passports, and he reportedly confessed to having previously taken exams for hire in various countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. The seven suspects, whose Thai visas have been revoked, were all charged with using forged passports, while Liu faces the additional charge of having fake passports in his possession for the purpose of selling them, Surachate said.

  • More minors with fake passports trying to leave Philippines

    Fake passports: Immigration officials at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) are alarmed over the growing number of underage Filipino women who try to leave the country and work abroad using fraudulent travel documents.


    Since June, a total of 114 girls below 21 years old have been turned away by airport officials, according to Marc Red Mariñas, acting immigration deputy commissioner and Port Operations Division chief.

    He said that in June alone, 67 people who confessed to being minors were barred from leaving the country.

    Mariñas said that all of the apprehended passengers presented passports showing that they were adults. They also had valid overseas employment permits, working visas and job contracts.

    40 rescued in raid

    Last month, the Manila Police District rescued more than 40 women, some of them minors, during a raid in Sta. Cruz, Manila. They were illegally recruited from Mindanao and offered work as household service workers in Saudi Arabia.

    A report from the BI-Naia Travel Control and Enforcement Unit showed that the latest apprehensions involved four girls who were intercepted on Aug. 2 while trying to leave on a Saudia Airlines flight for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    The passengers allegedly admitted during investigation that they were below 21 years old although their passports indicated that they were in their late 20s.

    They were later turned over to the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking.

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