• Fake messenger makes millions by double charging customers.

    A fake messenger was successfully arrested after he made millions by double charging clients with the same bill. His reasoning to the police is because he has 4 wives, and he needs a lot of money to take care of them. The Crime Suppression Division Police worked with the Khlong Luang Police in Pathumthani Province and successfully arrested Tanongsak Ruengsiri 49 years old a local Win motorbike driver.

    Tanongsak is arrested under the power of an arrest warrant issued by the Pathumthani provincial Court no.209/62 dated 30 April 2019 under charges of document forgery, using forged documents, and fraud. He was arrested in front of a Mini Big C branch located in Rattanakosin 200 Years, this is near Future Park and is 30 minutes away from Don Mueng Airport.

    Tanongsak worked as a messenger for a metal company for about 10 years. Throughout the years he gained the absolute trust and was responsible for collecting payments from customers. He abused the trust by making 2 photocopies of the receipt. When collecting the money, he would double charge the clients and put the money in his pocket. According to evidence consisting of printed receipts, the amount of damage is about 500,000 THB, but the actual damage including charges with no receipts of proof is estimated to be 1 to 2 million THB.

    The company realized what Tanongsak was doing when one day he went to collect a bill from a customer but the actual customer wasn’t there, a relative was at the shop. When the relative saw the bill he needed to call the customer to confirm before making the payment. The catch was Tanongsak had already collected the payment from the customer. The customer then decided to call the metal company and asked them why are they trying to double charge him.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    The company started an investigation that discovered Tanonsak’s actions. They filed a report that leads to the arrest. The suspect admitted to his actions fully at the time of the arrest. He stated to the police that he needed to do this, he had 4 wives that he needed to take care of. His newest wife asked him for some money to invest in a beauty salon shop that didn’t work out as planned. This is when he had to get an extra job as a Win motorbike driver. The Khlong Luang Police Station will be prosecuting his case accordingly.

    FB Caption: He stole the money because he had to look after 4 wives.

    Source: INN News


  • Fake Nurse discovered after 11 years in the ED

    A male nurse was discovered to have used a fake graduate certificate and nursing license after working 11 years in the Emergency Department (ER) of Pak Chom Hospital in Loei Province. Kowit a male nurse had no information in the graduates’ database at Khon Kaen University, Bachelor of Nursing Science Program. He was exposed after the truth came out that he used a fake certificate to become a nurse at the hospital.

    The Sanook News Team went to Pak Chom Hospital on 28 August 2019. The staff at such hospital reported that Kowit normally works as a nurse in the Emergency Department. He hasn’t come to work for a few days since the news came out. Sakpetch Hobsombat, M.D. Hospital Director stated that he can’t speak on the issue as the information must be revealed by the officials. The team tried to contact Kowit, but they never got an answer.

    Preeda Worahan, M.D. from the Loei Provincial Public Health Office reported that at the beginning of this year there was a license check-up to see whether any nurses needed to renew or extend the duration of their licenses. The problem started when Kowit wouldn’t send in his license and when he finally did the officer felt that something was off with the license.

    The officer contacted the Faculty of Nursing at Khon Kaen University where Kowit claimed he graduated from when handing in the graduate certificate to work at the Pak Chom Hospital and the Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council. Both replied that the certificate and nursing license was fake. There is no information about Kowit at the University or the Council.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    Kowit was asked to come to give a statement on the issue on 20 August 2019 where he fully admitted that his graduate certificate and the license was fake. He will be prosecuted according to Criminal law on Forgery. It is up to the University and the Council on whether they want to sue Kowit in court. He is currently waiting to be removed from government services as a nurse.

    FB Caption: There is no information of Kowit at the Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University or at the Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council.


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