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  • How to become a thief 101

    The Nonthaburi City Police arrested Sathaporn 23 years old at 13.00 on 29 November 2019 with evidence including clothes that were used to commit the crimes, a black backpack, a gold ring, gemstones, and pearl earrings.

    Sathaporn a transgender woman robbed a hospital in Nonthaburi by stealing money from a donation box inside the hospital on the same day of the arrest at 1.30 in the morning. She was also suspected to have robbed a jewelry store in a shopping mall on Ngamwongwan Road, the robbery was committed on 5 October 2019 at 23.30.

    When the police arrested Sathaporn, she admitted to having robbed 3 different locations. The first robbery was at the jewelry store mentioned above with damages of 217,000 THB. The second robbery was from a diamond shop also from a famous mall on Ngamwongwan Road, although having robbed a business where they sold diamonds she managed to get away with one pair of diamond tweezers. The last robbery was at the Nonthavej Hospital where she stole a donation box.

    Sonthaporn Kongpetch 23 years old the suspect stated that she is unemployed and needed money to pay for damages from a car accident. She had no money and decided to commit the robberies for cash. The suspect googled online on how to become a thief by looking for ways to hide in a mall until they closed down. As a result, she discovered a way to hide in a construction site located inside the mall until the lights were shut off for the day.

    The first stop was at the jewelry store, she broke into the display cabinets and grabbed what she could. She revealed that while she was leaving the construction site a security guard walked by her and thought that she was one of the workers. From the success of her first attempt at becoming a thief, the suspect went again and hid the way she did before. This time she chose a diamond store but didn’t manage to get anything valuable, only a pair of diamond tweezers. Sonthaporn then walked out of the mall to a hospital closeby and stole the donation box.

    FB Caption:  The suspect googled online on how to become a thief, this lead to 3 robberies from a jewelry store, a diamond shop, and a hospital.


  • Gold shop robbery on Loy Krathong Day

    There was a gold shop robbery on Loy Krathong day, the thief managed to get away with over 1 Million THB worth of gold in 30 seconds. The Udonthani Police were notified of a robbery on 11 November 2019. The robbery took place in a gold shop inside a local Tesco lotus.

    The police went to the gold shop right away and found Nisara 33 years old who is the manager, Petch 33 years old, and Siriporn 37 years old. All of the gold shop employees were still in shock standing inside the store waiting for the officers to arrive. The police are currently investigating by tracking down the thief from routes he may have taken on the escape after committing the robbery.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    The employees stated to the police that normally they close at around 20.30. They were preparing to close down for the day and were all standing behind the counter. This was when a man around 35-40 years old walked in. He was about 170-175 centimeters tall and a little chubby. He was wearing a black Polo shirt with white stripes, black shorts, black sneakers, a brown hat, a sanitary face mask, and a cooking apron.

    He walked in from the right side of the shop passing by other gold shops. He stopped in front of the shop before throwing a large rock into one of the gold cabinets on the wall. The glass broke and the man jumped across the counter. He grabbed some gold chains and put them into his front pocket on the apron. Out of hurry, there were some gold chains scattered on the floor.

    The thief managed to get away with a 5 baht gold chain, 10 of 3 baht gold chains, 20 of 1 baht gold chains. Together he stole 55 baht of gold worth about 1.1 Million THB. He jumped over the counter to leave. One of the employees pressed the emergency button after the thief left as she was shocked and didn’t know what to do at the time of the robbery.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    The security guard stated that he heard the sound of glass breaking so he ran to the gold shop. He was afraid to go inside as the thief might have had a weapon. When the thief ran out of the shop he followed and yelled for a good citizen to run after the thief. When he ran to the corner of the building he saw the thief jump onto a motorbike with a driver that was waiting for him. The security guard couldn’t remember what type of motorbike it was and he could see the license plate as it was dark outside.

    FB Caption: The thief managed to get away with over 1 Million THB worth of gold in 30 seconds.


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