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  • Netizens search for homeless young mom with ill child.

    A post about a young homeless mon with an ill child went viral online. A Facebook user named Lucy Thai posted a story about how she met a young woman carrying a child by the road in Phra Khanong District, Bangkok. Lucy didn’t even know if it was a real human or a statue when she drove by, but her instincts told her to drive back to the mother and child.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    Lucy stated in the post “Mother instincts. As I was driving home I passed through the Phra Khanong area and saw a woman sitting with her child. I didn’t even know if it was a human or a statue. I continued driving but I couldn’t stop wondering why the mother was sitting there. So I decided to drive back just to make sure. Oh my god, it’s really a human and not a doll.

    I touched the child and it had a really high fever. I woke the mother up but she didn’t seem right. I tried to talk to her but it didn’t help much. I decided to go buy some medicine and bread for the mother and child. I also gave them 200 THB and told the mother to please take your child to the hospital. Can anyone help her? I don’t know who to contact.”

    Netizens saw the post and started recommending helpline numbers. Some suggested informing the police to see if officials can find out what is going on, and some suggested the mother was probably a beggar. Lucy gave the latest update on 20 November 2019 “Mother instincts 2. I finally found them in the same spot. I’ve been looking for the mother and child for 3 days. Thankfully the child has no fever now. At first, I thought maybe the mother is a beggar or maybe she belongs to a gang. But then I realized no one wants to be a beggar.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    For me, when I give something I don’t care what they’re going to do with it. I helped her with the good intentions of a mother. I hope a department comes and helps her. The location is under the Phra Khanong BTS Station.”

    FB Caption: Lucy’s maternal instincts took over. She decided to drive back to the mother and child sitting by the road.

    Source: Khaosod, Facebook user: Lucy Thai


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