Life-saving goggles

  • Life-saving goggles returned to surgeon

    Life-saving goggles: Thanks to the power of social media, the police on Friday returned to a cardiac surgeon a pair of special goggles that were stolen during a burglary in Khon Kaen province.


    Dr Thiti Chanmayka, a cardiac surgeon at Sirikit Heart Centre of the Northeast, posted on Facebook, asking the thief to return the googles.

    He wrote that he needed to use the goggles, that cost about Bt80,000, to perform life-saving operations.

    The doctor said his residence at Khon Kaen University was broken into on August 6.

    The thief sold the goggles at a pawn shop in the province and the owner contacted the police.

    Police said they knew the identity of the thief and expected to have an arrest warrant issued soon.

    The doctor said the goggles were not damaged and he was very happy that he got them back within 24 hours.

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