Lion Air Crash

  • US lawsuit blames Lion Air crash on Boeing’s ‘dangerous’ airplane

    A lawsuit filed in Chicago blames Boeing for the deadly Lion Air crash off the coast of Indonesia that killed all on board, claiming the manufacturer’s airplane was “unreasonably dangerous,” a US law firm announced Wednesday.

    The suit, filed Monday in the Midwestern city where Boeing is based, alleges the two-month-old plane’s safety system improperly engaged and pilots were not adequately instructed by the plane manufacturer on how to respond.

    Lion Air Flight 610 vanished from radar 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta on October 29, crashing into waters off the north coast of Indonesia’s Java Island and killing all 189 people onboard.

    About 30 relatives of the crash victims have filed lawsuits against Boeing, alleging that faults with the new model 737 MAX led to the deaths.

    The Chicago lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of passenger Sudibyo Onggo Wardoyo, 40, of Jakarta.

    “Not only did Boeing place sensors that provided inaccurate data, it also failed to provide the plane’s pilots adequate instructions. It was like Boeing first blindfolded and then tied the hands of the pilots,” the family’s attorney Thomas Demetrio said in a statement.

    The preliminary crash report from Indonesia’s transport safety agency suggested that pilots struggled to control the plane’s anti-stalling system immediately before the crash.

    Boeing responded to the November report by pointing to the actions of the pilots and claiming an earlier flight on the same plane ended safely when pilots successfully dealt with erroneous sensor data.

    “The 737 MAX is as safe as any airplane that has ever flown the skies,” the manufacturer said in a statement.

    “Boeing is taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of this accident,” it added.

    A Boeing spokesman would not comment on the specifics of the lawsuit. A final crash report is not likely to be filed until next year.

  • Bomb may have caused Lion Air crash – aviation expert

    Lion Air Crash: An aviation expert has suggested a bomb could have caused a crash that has left 189 people feared dead near Indonesia.

    Lion Air flight JT610 crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Jakarta. The plane was a new Boeing 737 and had only logged 800 hours in the air.

    Both pilots were experienced and between them had spent 11,000 hours in the air.

    Aviation analyst Captain John Nance said there wasn’t much to suggest what happened, but it was unusual that a new plane crashed.

    “An aeroplane like this does not normally fall out of the sky, even a 737 of an older variety,” he told The AM Show.

    “There’s just nothing on board the aeroplane, including the engines, that could cause a catastrophic nose over like this.

    “So we’re looking at the possibility of, for instance, a bomb.”

    Capt Nance suggested there could have been other reasons for the crash including pilot mishandling or a murder suicide.

    Mechanical issues are also a possibility, but Capt Nance said he couldn’t think what on the plane would have been able to cause a massive failure.

    “Back in the days when you had aviation gasoline in airlines, DC7 and so on, you could have a wing blow off because something sparked on an otherwise empty tank,” he said.

    “We know this can happen in a cavernous tank in a 747… but that’s not a thing that can happen to a 737 these days for many different reasons.”

    He didn’t think that it was a maintenance issue though, because the plane had only been in the air for a couple of months.

    “What we’ve got here is a flight path that doesn’t make sense, outside of a bomb, or outside of some massive failure,” he said.

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