• Expensive vehicle abandoned filled with drugs.

    3 men abandoned an expensive car in the Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok filled with drugs inside. Police Officers from the Sam Dum Police Station discovered 100 packs of Yaba pills, a total of 200,000 pills placed inside a large bag. The drugs came from a car that was abandoned by the road in Bang Khun Thian. The suspects inside the car fled and chose to leave the car to run away from any risks with the police. Sam Dum officials were notified by a patrol officer from the Tha Kam Police Station. The patrol officer suspected unusual activities from the group of persons in the car who were all acting suspicious.

    There are 2 main points were drugs were found. At the first point, the police discovered a sack with a bird logo. Inside was 20 packs of Yaba pills coming to a total of 40,000 pills. At the second point, officials found a Hyundai H-1 with a Bangkok license plate parked in front of a cafe. The car keys and a phone was left on the car console. In the back of the car was a large blue sack with 80 packs of Yaba pills, a total of 160,000 pills. Right by the blue sack was 2 liters of boiled Kratom juice inside 2 soda bottles.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    The patrol official found 2 men placing the first sack with the bird logo by the road. When they saw that an officer was driving by the men got scared and jumped into the car and drove away. The car was found abandoned in front of the cafe. The license plate inspection revealed that the car belongs to Adisorn 33 years old from Samut Songkhram Province with no criminal record. Adisorn has changed his name and is currently using the name Nattapat. Officials have revealed that there are 3 suspects who were dropping off the drugs when a patrol officer happened to drive by.

    FB Caption: The patrol officer happened to drive by right when the men were dropping off drug orders by the road.

    Source: INN News



  • 12,000 Yaba pills on the train.

    The Hat Yai Railway Police arrested a man carrying 12,000 Yaba pills on the train traveling from Bangkok to Yala Province. Amad 29 years old was caught on 9 December 2019 with 6 packs of pills that turned out to be the popular drug “Yaba”. He was traveling on the fast train No.41 and was sitting in seat No.44. At first, the police did not specifically suspect what he was carrying on the train but his reaction to a normal security check tipped himself off to the officials.

    While the railway police were running a regular security check throughout the train while the train was traveling to the Hat Yai Railway Station. Amad started shaking and was constantly moving around the train when an officer walked by. This made one of the officers start to suspect Amad’s actions leading to the search of the suspect’s belongings. Amad was carrying a blue backpack that was placed on the shelf above his seat. When the police opened inside there were 3 packs of Yaba pills in the backpack.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    The police noticed that the private area in his pants was unusually large so they searched him and found 1 pack of pills in his underwear. 2 more packs of pills were found in the suspect’s shoes placed under his seat wrapped in a plastic bag, 1 pack from each shoe. Amad turned pale after the discovery and had his head hanging low for the rest of the day.

    Amad stated that he was hired to move Yaba pills from Bangkok to an agent in Yala Province in exchange for 15,000 THB. He claims that this is his first time doing so after finding a new job at a restaurant in Bangkok that introduced him to a drug agent in the big city.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    FB Caption: The police noticed that the private area in his pants was unusually large so they searched him and found 1 pack of Yaba pills in his underwear.


  • Son cries for mom after being arrested with Kratom Leaf.

    The Nakhon Sithammarat Police arrested Arthit 25 years old while he was drinking kratom water from boiling the kratom leaves. While the police told him to get into the police truck Arthit kept crying and calling out for his mother. He screamed with tears for mom to come to bail him out. The mother insisted that this time she’s no longer helping him escape his actions.

    Villagers in the area know Arthit’s reputation for his kratom use. They know that you can find him every day boiling the leaves and drinking it. His family and others that know him are really bored with his actions over and over. The suspect has been arrested before but as soon as he is free, Arthit returns straight back to boiling the leaves he loves.

    It is reported that while on the way to the police station, the suspect never stopped crying. The officers tried to calm him down and told him everything will be ok but Arthit still had heavy tears running down his face like a baby. No matter how hard he tries to look for mercy, he has been charged accordingly to his crimes of use and possession of kratom.

    Arthit’s mother insists that this time she won’t be helping him with the case. Let the police and the law deal with him as a life lesson as he has been caught before. The people around him have warned him multiple times even after he was arrested previously. The suspect should’ve learned his lesson but it seems like he needs to go through the hard way to finally get himself together. Even if it’s her son, he needs to learn that what he is doing is wrong and the family is tired of his actions.

    FB Caption: While on the way to the police station, Arthit 25 years old kept crying like a baby calling out for his mom to help.


  • Big drug seizures across the country continue

    The are reporting that a British man died at the Centara Grand Hotel in Phuket in a fight after telling another guest to “keep the noise down” as his wife and son tried to sleep, according to the man’s family.

    The details in the BBC report conflict with earlier local reports out of Phuket.

    The BBC report says that 34 year old Amitpal Singh Bajaj from the UK complained about noise from the next room at the five-star Centara Grand Hotel on Karon beachfront in Phuket.

    The man’s family claims that another man forced his way into their room via the balcony early on Wednesday, August 21. The family claims that the man strangled Mr Bajaj.

    In a statement Amitpal’s 34 year old wife Bandhna Kaur Bajaj described to police how the attacker “barged” into their room naked and attacked her husband.

    “My husband sacrificed his life to save my son’s life and mine. He will always be our hero.”

    “My husband tried to block the man and move me and my son away. As the man was kicking, punching and just, beating him up, my husband told me to please leave and save our son,” according to the BBC report.

    The rendering of the report from the BBC is quite different from Phuket’s local news reports.

    In Phuket reports it stated that a fight started at 4am, when the British man Amitpal Singh Bajaj confronted Norwegian Roger Bullman over the amount of noise coming from his room.

    “Mr Bullman was drunk, and security had already visited his room twice to ask him to keep the noise down. When Mr Bajaj confronted him, he stabbed Mr Bullman in the shoulder with a steak knife.

    Mr Bullman, trained in martial arts, then got the British man in a choke hold and maintained his grip on him. He says he did not mean to kill him, and did not think he had.”

    The BBC report says that Mrs Bajaj grabbed the couple’s 2 year old son and fled the hotel room to look for help. She says she ran down a staircase and hid under a tree with her son in her arms while calling the reception from her mobile to tell them what had happened.

    “I asked the reception to please make sure someone attends to my husband… “please give him some medical help, I’m very scared, I’ve escaped”, according to the BBC report.

    “I could still hear the attacker screaming. I didn’t want to be attacked.”

    Mr Amitpal was taken to Patong Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that a Norwegian citizen has been arrested in Thailand and is being provided consular assistance.

    According to Phuket News, Karon police said that “Mr Bullman had been released on bail posted at the court, but was unable to confirm how much bail was posted at. Reports in the Norwegian media said that bail was posted at about 200,000 baht.”

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