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Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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“The Serpent”, one great movie, read what Netflix doesn’t tell about serial killer Charles Sobhraj

Serpent killer Charles Sobhraj from The Serpent was arrested thanks to the Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg. But the Netflix series does not tell everything...

Netflix may be moving to stop users sharing passwords

Many people have been left burnt and some users even took to Twitter to shares the news of Netflix apparent crackdown along with posts...

Best Series To Watch On Netflix This Month

What/If Would you let me sleep with your boyfriend for an $80million investment in your company? That’s the proposition the sexually aggressive Renee Zellweger puts...

There Are Still Three Million People Ordering DVDs From Netflix

'Member DVDs? Those round disc-shaped gizmos that would jump at the slightest hint of a scratch? Of course you do. That's how we watched films...

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