• Foreigner arrested using fake documents to apply for Thai ID & Passport.

    A foreigner was arrested after he attempted to use fake documents to apply for a Thai ID and Passport. The Immigration Police reported the arrest made on 13 November 2019. The suspect claimed his name was Aphisit 47 years old and had on him a Thai passport at the time of the arrest. Later the police discovered that his name was actually Lin from China.

    Lin traveled out of his country for so long his real passport had expired. Lin stated that he saw an advertisement on the application Wechat claiming that they can make a Thai ID and Passport for him in 10 days. Lin believed the claims and paid 1.2 million THB to the group. Lin entered Thailand illegally with the help of the group. The group connected him to another group consisting of Thai members claiming that they can make fake Thai ID and Passports and that their main groups of customers are Thai’s who have never had an official government document issued in their name.

    After Lin received his fake ID and Passport he tried to leave Thailand using the Thai Passport at the Sadao Immigration Office. The group arrested will create fake documents with fake signatures. Officials at the border noticed that he couldn’t speak Thai so they ran his profile through the  Biometrics system. Turns out Lin had previously used a Chinese passport to enter Thailand in 2014.

    Credit: Immigration Police
    Credit: Immigration Police

    The discovery led to the arrest of both groups connected, this included 3 Chinese and 4 Thai’s coming to a total of 8 suspects including Lin. The police are currently investigating to find a connection to other groups in Thailand who are producing fake Thai IDs and Passports.

    FB Caption: Lin paid 1.2 Million THB in exchange for a Thai ID and Passport, he ended up getting arrested along with 7 other suspects involved.



  • 4,000 chickens buried alive

    A video was posted online showing almost 4,000 chickens buried alive. They were thrown in one by one into a pit filled with mud. Many Netizens agree that this is extreme cruelty and questioned whether it was necessary to deal with the issue in such a manner.

    The video was shared on 22 November 2019 showing officials from the Songkhla Animal Quarantine Station in Hat Yai District destroying about 4,000 chickens smuggled in from Malaysia on the day before (21 November 2019). The choice of destruction was to bury them alive in an area behind the Animal Quarantine Office in Songkhla, where illegal animals are put to their death.

    The video displays animal torture that netizens question if this method is justified. The chickens are thrown into a pit full of water. The chicken’s struggle mixing the dirt and water together creating mud, the rest of the chicken is then thrown in on top of each other filling the ground. The ones that survive from drowning are covered with dirt.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    The Khaosod News Team was informed by the Songkhla Animal Quarantine that there were 3,984 chickens buried alive. The chickens were seized from a group that smuggled many truckloads of chickens in from Malaysia through the border on 19 November 2019. After the chickens were seized by customs, they were brought to the Quarantine office for 1 day before the chickens were scheduled for destruction. It took many hours to kill all of the chickens as a pit had to be dug into the ground and it was also raining. The chickens had to be thrown in one by one on top of each other.

    According to the Animal Epidemics Act, Poultry animals that were illegally smuggled into the country must be destroyed to protect it from entering the market as a protection mechanism according to the Avian Influenza Universal Precautions. Although it clearly states that the chickens must die, it turns out the officials took the wrong action to kill the chickens.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    According to the Declaration in 2019 from the Department of Livestock Development (DLD) animals especially poultry are to be destroyed with the principle of Euthanasia also referred to as Mercy Killing. This is to poison the animals, chemical injection or inhalation, or to pull the neck, killing methods that aim to not cause the animal extreme pain. The DLD has heard about the incident and an order has been issued to the Songkhla Animal Quarantine to explain the issue.

    FB Caption: 3,984 chickens smuggled into Thailand from Malaysia were buried alive one by one at the Songkhla Animal Quarantine.


  • Eleven prison wardens sacked amid drugs, embezzlement charges

    The Corrections Department has dismissed 11 prison wardens found guilty of serious misconduct, eight of them losing their jobs without pensions or benefits.


    Of the three “retired” with pensions, two were found to have been absent from work for 15 consecutive days and the other had let an inmate receive a package from a relative that contained a SIM card for a cell phone.

    The more serious charges against the other eight include smuggling in opioid pain relief medication for inmates, peddling a large quantity of cough medicine, being middlemen in drug deals, cooking the books to pocket extra cash and absconding with inmates’ earnings.

    Others abetted the smuggling of phones inside, failed to report the discovery of phones to spare inmates punishment, and rented prison property without departmental permission.

    Narat said the department was emphatic about its officials strictly following rules, but some continued to engage in wrongdoing.

    The “heavy” punitive action was intended to deter others from doing likewise and to shore up public confidence in the department’s integrity.

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