• Hotel employee uses customer credit cards for online shopping.

    The Police arrested a man who used to work as the head staff at hotels in Chiang Mai Province and Phetchaburi Province. He had been collecting customer credit card information for online shopping with damages of over 500,000 THB.

    Jirat Siriwattanakul 35 years old was arrested under the power of arrest warrant no. 605/2562 issued by the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court 25 October 2019 on charges of impersonating another person, using another person’s electronics card without the person’s intention or in a way that causes damages towards other persons. One of the victims had filed a report with the police after the suspect used his credit card information in an online shopping spree.  This lead to the suspects arrest on 5 October 2019, 5 days after the arrest warrant was issued. Police investigated the case and discovered Jirat was the person behind all the problems.

    The investigation police discovered that Jirat previously worked as a hotel employee in Chiang Mai and Petchaburi. His position was as the head of the reception staff, this allowed him access to customer personal information. Jirat would welcome the customers, to do this he had access to the hotels inside the system to confirm payments and bookings made via online and at the hotel.

    Credit: INN News
    Credit: INN News

    Jirat could access the information even when he was not at the hotel. Inside was the customers full name, ID no., Passport no., birthdays, credit card no., phone no., email address., and more depending on the information used to book and pay for the room. Jirat would then choose a card of his choice and call the bank, pretending to be the owner of the card, he could answer all the security questions because he had all the information. Jirat would then change the credit card contact number so when he made an online purchase the notification would be sent to his phone instead of the real owner’s phone.

    Some of his purchases include 8 iPhones, gold bars, and other items worth about 500,000 THB. At the time of the arrest, officers searched the suspect’s room and found the real ID card of his victim who filed the report, a phone that had customers’ personal information stored inside, and a collection of data on over 50 credit cards.

    FB Caption: Jirat had access to the customer’s personal information, which allowed him to answer all security questions when calling the bank.


  • Bones at Nat’l Park Belong to Missing Karen Activist: DSI

    BANGKOK — The Department of Special Investigation said Tuesday that bone fragments of a Karen community rights activist missing since 2014 have been found.

    At a presser on Tuesday, the Department of Special Investigation said that bone fragments belonging to Porlajee “Billy” Rakchongcharoen, who went missing after being detained in Kaeng Krachan National Park in April 2014, match those of his mother.

    The bone fragments were found in August inside a 200-liter oil tank submerged in water near a suspension bridge inside Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi province.

    “The tank that was found was burnt. The bones were also burnt,” DSI deputy chief Kornwat Panpraphakorn said.

    The DSI said parts of the bone fragments, which came from the skull, share DNA with Billy’s mother, Pairoh Rakchongcharoen.

    Activists have accused then-director of Kaeng Krachan National Park Chaiwat Limlikhit-aksorn of engineering the disappearance of the local Karen activist. However, the department has not ruled out the perpetrators or his cause of death. He is believed to be burnt in an effort to cover up the murder.

    Several suspects have been questioned, but officials refused to name them and said that the investigation is still ongoing.

    Chaiwat and several park officials briefly detained Billy on 17 April 2014 to reprimand him for “wild honey theft” but claimed they later released him without charge. Billy, a campaigner for community rights, had not been seen since. His friends and family feared the 30-year-old activist was abducted and murdered for his opposition to the government’s eviction efforts.

    This is a developing story and may be updated without notice.


    Additional reporting Asaree Thaitrakulpanich and Tappanai Boonbandit


  • Phetchaburi van crash ends schoolboys’ field trip

    Eight students and a teacher from Narathiwat and the driver of their van were injured when it struck a tree in Phetchaburi at 2am on Sunday.

    Two of the victims were critically injured in the mishap, which brought their field trip to a frightening end.

    Police believe driver Pakeem Daengteh, who it took half an hour to extricate from the wreckage, fell asleep at the wheel. He was taken to Cha-Am Hospital.

    The math teacher on board said he was awoken by “a big bang” as he accompanied eight schoolboys ages 15 and 16 on the educational trip to Phetchaburi.

  • 21 hurt in Phetchaburi bus crash

    A driver of a Surat Thani-Bangkok bus dozed off, causing his vehicle to hit a road sign in Phetchaburi early on Wednesday, injuring himself and 20 passengers, police said.


    Police said the bus hit the sign and fell into a ditch in the middle of the road in Tambon Tha Yang of Phetchaburi’s Tha Yang district.

    Rescuers took about half an hour to free the passengers trapped inside.

    The injured were taken to the Phetchaburi Hospital.

  • World’s largest freshwater pearl farm to be built in Phetchaburi

    PHETCHABURI, 24 July 2018 – Thailand’s Phetchaburi province is going to have the world’s largest freshwater pearl farm after the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) approved the idea.

    During a recent meeting in Ratchaburi, Pol Gen Pichit Kuandachakupt, the President of the Committee on Religions, Arts, Culture and Tourism of the NLA, said that the NLA had endorsed the project because it is in line with the government’s policy on farming development.

    Phetchaburi Deputy Governor, Nattawut Petchpromsorn, and Chairman of Thai Union High-Tech Pearl Cultivation Co Ltd, Kraisorn Chansiri, were among those attending the meeting.

    The establishment of the freshwater pearl farm in Ratchaburi will create 5,000 jobs. It will be constructed as a joint effort between Thai Union High Tech Pearl Cultivation Co Ltd and a Chinese company. A survey has been conducted to determine if there would be any impact on the environment.

    Local government agencies are also expected to get involved in the implementation of the project to ensure it benefits the economy. The Phetchaburi deputy governor cited the need for those overseeing the establishment to obtain land title deeds prior to the construction to avoid building it on public spaces.

    The Chairman of Thai Union High Tech Peark Cultivation Co Ltd said his company will abide by the law, expressing hope that it will boost the economy of Phetchaburi.



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