• Robber dressed as a postman claims box has bomb inside.

    A robber dressed as a postman from Thailand Post robbed a gold shop in Bang Kaew, Samut Prakan. He carried a Thailand Post delivery box into the shop claiming that there was a bomb inside, he was also threatening the people inside with a gun. The robber managed to get away with almost 100,000 THB worth of gold.

    Police Captain Somkiet Nacharoen from the Bang Kaew Police Station received a notification of a gold shop robbery inside a branch of Thai Wassadu Store. He went to inspect the store with related officers. The gold shop had just opened for business and no one working there had faced a robber before. When the police arrived, the girls inside were standing in front of the gold shop shaking with fear.

    The reason that they were outside was because of the delivery box that the robber placed inside and claimed a bomb was inside. The police made everyone in the area move away before going in to check the box. Sirirat an employee inside the gold shop stated that the robber walked into the shop holding the delivery box. At first, it seemed like he was delivering a package because of the postman’s outfit, the helmet, black gloves, and the Thai post Box.

    The man placed the box on a counter and told the employees a bomb was inside. He then pulled out a gun and ordered an employee inside to grab necklaces and put it in a bag. The employee did as he said and grabbed 9 gold necklaces before placing it into the robber’s bag. The robber ran out of the shop and got in a van that was covered with a Thailand Post sticker.

    Credit: Ban Idea บ้านไอเดีย
    Credit: Ban Idea บ้านไอเดีย

    He drove away with at least 70,000 THB worth of gold. The officials found out that the Toyota van truly belonged to Thailand Post. The van was from the Thailand Post, Wat Nam Daeng Branch. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD) inspected the delivery box and found wires coming out from the box.

    The unit carried out the box to the parking lot about 300 meters away from the main Thai Wasadu building. They surrounded the box with 5 truck tires before opening the box.

    Inside the box was a large rock with a hole inside where the wires were inserted into. The robber tried to make it look like an actual bomb from the outside in an attempt to scare the gold shop employees and to distract the police. Officials have collected fingerprints from the delivery box as evidence for further investigation.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    The police estimate that the robber is an employee at the Thailand Post. They think he has been looking at the gold shop for a while planning for the right time to commit the robbery. The delivery box was made to look like a bomb to pull some time for his escape. The investigation police are working on the case starting from checking the security footage in the store.

    FB Caption: The robber ran out of the store with the gold and got into a Thailand Post Van.

    Source: Sanook


  • Postman helps chase away cobra from a customer’s home.

    A story about a postman that helped chase a cobra away shared by the Thai Post Office Facebook Page went viral on the internet. The incident started when the postman came to deliver a parcel for the homeowner, as usual, only this time the customer couldn’t come out to sign for the delivery.

    This incident took place on the 2nd of this month when Somsak Sangjam a local postman in Lopburi province went on his usual route to deliver the letters and parcels to customers. When Somsak arrived at the customer’s home in this story he heard someone shouting to him from inside the house.


    “Don’t come in, there’s a snake in front of the door” the owner shouted to Somsak. The shoe closet was placed near the front door. When he slowly looked inside the shoe closet he discovered a full-grown snake slithering through, Somsak looked closer and discovered that it was, in fact, a cobra.

    Instead of running away, Somsak decided to pick up the broomstick placed near the entrance. Together he worked with an official from the district and chased the cobra to a pond located at the back of the village. Netizens applause Somsak’s action and joked that a postman’s full-time job is delivering letters and parcels but the side-job is chasing snakes for the homeowners.

    Somsak stated “The customer could not come out of the house because there was a snake in front of the door, she shouted at me to not come in or else the snake might bite me, I looked and saw a cobra slithering in front of the door, an official came from the district and together we chased the snake away to a safe place away from people at the river”.

    The owner of the house in this incident also came out and commented on the post saying “I don’t care what people say, but the postman helped chase out a snake from my house yesterday” along with posting a picture of Somsak holding a broom near where the snake was hiding.

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