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  • Nursery bans 2 year old with deformed skull.

    This incident took place in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. Her parents took her to the nursery, instead of acceptance like other children, the nursery staff wouldnt accept the girl from her deformed skull. The reason? They said that the 2-year-old will scare other children in the Nursery. Furthermore, they even went as far as telling the parents to get surgery for the child, if she wanted to join the nursery.

    Sofya Zakharova now 2 years old had the deformed skull since birth. She also suffered from connected fingers and toes. None of this is the little girl’s fault or the parents, but somehow they are treated with disrespect from a business that claims to take care of children.

    Sofya has a larger head and forehead than usual, but she can still smile and cry, showing emotions in daily life like any other children. The parents have tried multiple times to get an operation scheduled for their child, but things are harder than it seems. Their appointment keeps getting moved. A local charity named “Rainbow of Goodness heard about what happened between the nursery and the girl. So they decided to talk directly with the people at the nursery. Despite trying, the nursery still flat out refuses to give a place for Sofya in their nursery.

    Credit: Daily Mail
    Credit: Daily Mail

    The reason that Sofya parents wanted to enroll her in a nursery was advice for Sofya to interact with other children her age so that her development will continue normally. This can also help support Sofya’s self-acceptance in the future.

    After the news went viral through Russian media channels. Officials from the government heard about the mistreatment of the 2-year-old. They will be prosecuting and doing the best they can against the nursery for the discrimination acted upon Sofya.

    Credit: Daily Mail
    Credit: Daily Mail

    Officials are also looking for a new home for Sofya’s family. Their current home has no water, no heater, and not even a gas stove. The goal is to find a new residence for the Zakharova family before the next winter arrives, this is for the safety and wellbeing of Sofya and her family.

    FB Caption: They said that the 2-year-old will scare other children in the Nursery.

    Source: Daily Mail, Sanook


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