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  • American, S Korean, and Indian citizen arrested.

    Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang and other officers from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of 3 cases. The first case is the arrest of a 26-year-old American citizen. The suspect has an arrest warrant out in his name back in the USA. He had committed child molestation on his own sister who was only 14 years old, the case took place in August of this year. The suspect flew into Thailand on 30 August with a temporary visitor visa. He was arrested at a meditation center in Min Buri District, Bangkok. Officials believe him as a threat to society and are wanted by foreign officials.

    The second case is the arrest of a 30-year-old South Korean citizen. Officials were notified from multiple hostel owners that there has been a man robbing hostels in Bangkok. At the moment of the arrest, the suspect had evidence including a combination wrench and multiple foreign currency bills. The investigation discovered that he came into Thailand on 30 June 2016 and has overstayed his visa for 3 years and 26 days. Officials believe that throughout the years living here the man has robbed at least 10 hostels. He was arrested while checking into a hostel at Jakkawat Area, Bangkok.

    Credit: Immigration Police
    Credit: Immigration Police

    The third and last case is the arrest of an Indian citizen who committed sexual assault on a 26-year-old Thai woman while they were in a hostel in the Phayathai Area, Bangkok. Officials found information through the Biometrics and Pibics systems that revealed the suspect lived and worked in Trang Province as a University Professor. This was his first arrest, he was sent to the Phayathai police station for prosecution.

    FB Caption: The American man molested his 14-year-old sister and was found in a meditation center. The Indian man sexually assaulted a Thai woman is a University Professor in Trang Province. The S Korean man is estimated to have robbed at least 10 hostels throughout Bangkok.


  • South Korean caught on almost 25 year overstay in Thailand

    A 55-year-old South Korean national was arrested after spending almost 25 years in hiding in Thailand, according to an Immigration bureau’s press conference.

    Identified only as Yang, the suspect was detained at a restaurant in Pathum Thani during a crackdown against foreign nationals overstaying their visas. He legally entered Thailand in September 1994 and remained in the country after his passport expired in June 1999.

    Immigration police said that Yang is wanted in South Korea on charges of falsifying cheques and personal identification documents. He fled South Korea to avoid the charges in 1994. In South Korea, the statute of limitations is suspended if the suspect flees the country and he will still face the original charges 25 years later.

    According to the bureau, Yang was also charged with overstaying his visa and would be deported.

    Additionally, a 36-year-old South Korean national identified only as Yoon was arrested at a high-end condominium in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district.

    Yoon was accused of luring dozens of people to invest in the futures market from 2009 to 2016 and swindling them out of 500 million baht. After the scandal surfaced he fled to Thailand and stayed here illegally for two years and six months.

    He will also be deported. These were the highlights of a recent immigration briefing on overstays and foreigners being deported.

    Photo, original source material Bangkok Post.


  • South Korean online gambling ring busted

    Four South Koreans and a Thai landlord were arrested when police raided an online-gambling operation run out of a luxury Pattaya condo.

    Pattaya, Tourist and Immigration police stormed the Pinpha Condominium in Naklua Nov. 2, slapping handcuffs on Song Kwang Hyun, 34, Yoon Dong Seong, 26, Choi Jinhoon, 28 and Park Byung Kuk, 19. Also jailed was Apiwan Wongkamsing, the 24-year-old who rented the condo to them but didn’t notify immigration foreigners were staying there.

    Officers also seized computers, mobile phones, code changers for money transfers, USB drives, bank books, ATM cards and customer lists.

    Police said the Koreans confessed, admitting they rented the condo on Aug. 27 from Apiwan. They hired Korean programmers in China to create the sports-betting website and paid additional staff in South Korea to host the site and advertise it.

    Police said it generated about 10 million baht in revenue a month.

    Immigration police said Park Byun Guk, one of those arrested, also was wanted on forgery charges causing 10 million baht in damage back home in South Korea.

    They added that the gang entered Thailand six months ago, but worked the first three months in Bangkok before relocating to Pattaya.

    They were charged with various gambling and immigration offenses and will be deported. Apiwan, meanwhile, will be prosecuted for not registering her foreign residents.

  • South Korean president orders dispatch of emergency relief team to Laos

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday ordered the dispatch of an emergency relief team to Laos where heavy rains have led to the partial collapse of a dam built by South Korean firms, leaving hundreds missing and displacing thousands, according to Yonhap news agency.


    “President Moon instructed the government to come up with strong support measures, including the dispatch of an emergency relief team, to Laos,” Moon’s spokesman, Kim Eui-kyeom, told a press briefing.

    The details of Seoul’s government support measures, including the size of the relief mission, will be decided at a meeting to be held later in the day, involving vice ministerial officials from related offices, the spokesman said.

    Hundreds of people are said to have gone missing while more than 6,000 others have been displaced, according to earlier reports.

    Local newspapers have suggested the collapse of part of the dam built by a South Korean consortium, led by SK Engineering & Construction, may have led to the flood while the South Korean builder insists unexpectedly huge amounts of water had flooded over the dam, leading to the partial collapse of the dam.

    The South Korean president said identifying who might be at fault can wait.

    “They are currently working to identify the cause of the accident, but the government must immediately take part in the emergency relief efforts since our companies are also involved in the construction of the dam,” he was quoted as saying.

    SK E&C is known to have a 26-per-cent stake in the auxiliary dam with the state-run Korea Western Power Co., Ltd. owning a 24-percent stake.

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