• Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday December 14th

    Bunker Boys Golf Report

    Monday, December 14th

    Pattana Resort & Country Club A & B.

    1st Jimmy Carr (16) 42 points
    2nd Michael Brett (16) 33 points
    3rd Tony Robbins (18) 33 points
    Near pins Bob Innes, Jimmy Carr, Alan Sullivan, & Michael Brett.

    Due to heavy overnight rain, the first fairway was sodden so it was decided to play pick, clean, and place, as it turned out the rest of the course was fine so it became unnecessary. The strong wind of recent time had abated so no problem in that regard today. For much of the round, we seemed to be the only people on the course, in the afternoon it started to fill up, one feels there may have been a special rate for late starters.

    Enjoying one of those golden days one sometimes has on a golf course Jimmy Carr had a memorable round with forty-two points, streets ahead of everyone else. Second place was decided on countback with Michael Brett edging out Tony Robbins. All the near pins were taken with one each to Jimmy Bob Innes, Alan Sullivan, and Michael Brett.

    Curiously Jimmy didn’t have a birdie today despite his spectacular score, he left that to his playing partners, he did, however, win all three sixes so a very good day for him.

    Wednesday, December 16th

    The Vintage Club, Bangkok

    1st Les Cobban (9) 38 points
    2nd Jimmy Carr (14) 36 points
    3rd Michael Brett (16) 33 points
    Near pins Les Cobban X 2 & Michael Brett X 2.
    The midweek game was held at Khao Kheow Country Club on the A & B nines. This is another course starting to turn golden brown and would benefit from a good shower of rain. A swirling wind, sometimes up to three clubs’ worth in intensity blew all-day and made for low scores. It seems no golf report is complete lately without some mention of the wind. Pattaya is enjoying/enduring a cool windy period of weather lately.
    After a prolonged period in the wilderness, Michael Brett bounced back into some sort of form today with thirty-five points to take first place. Some distance to second place where Jimmy Carr had thirty-one points with Les Cobban a stroke further back on thirty. Both Les and Mashi who fought out the club championship last week were well below their best. It goes to show the importance of timing, bring your best when it matters most. Three near pins going to Mashi Les, & Michael.

    Monday, December 11th

    Treasure Hill

    1st Geoff Atwell (23) 33 points
    2nd Dave Ashman (21) 31 points
    3rd Les Cobban (9) 30 points
    Near pins Geoff Atwell.

    A special treat for the Bunker Boys today with a round at the beautiful Vintage Course in Bangkok, one of the more accessible city courses from Pattaya. Opened in 1996 and featuring an English Tudor-style clubhouse the course was in super condition. Fairways were like carpet and the greens excellent for putting, a good speed, and running true. Designed by Arthur Hills every hole offered a different challenge, and at a hard to refuse green/caddie fee of twelve hundred baht was well worth the extra drive, travel time from Pattaya was about one and a half hours. If there is one positive to come out of the COVID 19 pandemic it’s that some courses not normally available to us are now open for visitors at very good rates.

    Picking up where he left off on Monday at Pattana Jimmy Carr playing off a new fourteen handicap shot twenty-two points on the front nine before throwing out an anchor on the back to finish on thirty-six in second place thereby not doing any further damage to his handicap. A superb round from Les Cobban of thirty-eight saw him take first place, clearly back to his best again. The most ridiculous round of the day had to go to Michael Brett who opened with a par, followed by three wipes in a row and a one-pointer before collecting himself up to cobble together a score of thirty-three, one more wipe on the back nine. He did however collect two near pins with Les Cobban taking the other two. The general consensus is that while this pricing exists we should make a return visit and also explore other options in the area to add variety to our roster.

    Friday, December 18th

    Mountain Shadow

    1st Les Cobban (9) 35 points
    2nd Michael Brett (16) 28 points
    3rd Tony Robbins (18) 27 points
    Near pins Les Cobban X 2.

    The last game of the week was played at the Mountain Shadow Course in very windy conditions. Scores were adversely affected with only Les Cobban putting in a decent score, the rest were not worth mentioning. The course was in excellent condition apart from the bunkers which would benefit from some attention. A previous problem at this course was dogs digging holes on the greens, for the time being, they seem to have conquered this issue.

    In a rich vein of form lately, Les Cobban took first place with thirty-five points, he also managed to snag two near pins. On a completely different path, Michael Brett took second place with twenty-eight points with yet another round laced with wipes. Tony Robbins took third.

    Yet another victim of COVID 19 with Woodys Bar due to close on January tenth so the Bunker Boys will be homeless yet again. It’s becoming a bit tedious every couple of years finding a new residence made all the more difficult by needing space to accommodate lockers, so the search is on again.

    Jimmy Carr, a big winner this week

    Les Cobban, 2 time winner

  • Bunker Boys Golf Report For Week Commencing Monday November 23rd

    Bunker Boys Golf Report

    Monday, November 23rd


    1st Michael Brett (17) 36 points
    2nd Tony Robbins (20) 33 points
    3rd Tony Plummer (17) 31 points

    Near pins Tony Robbins, & Michael Brett X 2.

    Despite it being a holiday in lieu of Songkran we still had the course to ourselves for today’s game at Bangpra. The course was in as good condition as we have seen it for some time, however, the greens were very slippery with some pin placements making them well nigh impossible. Any downhill put that didn’t go down ended up a long way from the hole.

    The day was hot and humid with overcast skies, the rain luckily managed to stay away, but on the drive back we could see where it had been raining heavily.
    In spite of an indifferent day with the putter again Michael Brett managed to cobble together a winning score of thirty-six points, with better putting it could easily have been over forty. Second place went to Tony Robbins three back with Tony Plummer bringing up the rear on thirty-one. Tony Robbins took one near pin and Michael Brett got two.

    Wednesday, November 25th

    Pattana B & A

    1st Tony Robbins (20) 39 points
    2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 34 points
    3rd Michael Brett (17) 33 points

    Near pins Jimmy Carr, Bob Paine, & Michael Brett.

    Pattana, the venue for our mid-week game looked a poor choice, as we drove into the grounds the place was completely full with no parking spaces available
    anywhere. A conference at the convention center and competition with seventy golfers was being played so parking was at a premium. It looked like a slow day was in store, however, we managed to avoid the big group by starting on the B nine that was not part of their course, and by the time we had finished that the other nine was clear for play so, in fact, we had a very quick uninterrupted round.

    The course was in excellent condition however, the greens were a good deal slower than Monday at Bangpra and it took a little time to get used to the difference. The rough was also quite deep and difficult with the ball usually sitting deep and difficult to get out. The wind was up again and with some very long par fours scoring was difficult. Only Tony Robbins managed to master the course and conditions with a first-place score of thirty-nine points. Second, went to Jimmy with thirty-four, and a stroke back Michael Brett took third. Three near pins were taken with one each to Jimmy, Bob Paine, and Michael Brett.

    Friday, November 27th


    1st Tony Robbins (19) 38 points
    2nd Bob Paine (20) 38 points
    3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 34 points

    Near pins Bob Paine, Kevin LeBar, Myles Knowlson, & Jay Babin.

    Since the Emerald course had a change of ownership about a year ago it has undergone much work and is now in as good condition as we can remember. Even the greens, some of which had been lost on our last visit have had a remarkable transformation and are now in top shape again. An all-in fee of one thousand and fifty baht makes it excellent value for money particularly as we are in high season such as it is.

    One bone of contention today was the caddies who collectively were amongst the worst we have encountered. Rattling clubs, moving carts, and talking while people were playing shots were amongst their sins, Jimmy had one of the worst anyone has seen and had a profound negative effect on his game.

    Two firsts and a second this week for today’s winner Tony Robbins who managed to edge out Bob Paine on countback with thirty-eight points. Despite all the distractions of his caddie Jimmy managed to come third with thirty-four points. All the near pins were taken with one each to Myles Knowlson, Bob Paine, Kevin LeBar, and Jay Babin. A brilliant swinging downhill put on the second par three saw Bob Paine birdie his near pin, whilst Jay missed his birdie put from close range.

    Due to all our regular overseas visitors being missing this year the Bunker Boys are holding a scaled-down Annual Club Championship this year at  Pattavia and Greenwood Courses next week. Will the winner come from our current in-form golfers e.g. Tony Robbins, Bob Paine, Dave Ashman, and Les Cobban, or will someone rediscover their best to take the prize?, only time will tell, either way by next week we will have a new club champion.

    Two-time winner Tony Robbins

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  • Bunker Boys Golf Report For Week Commencing Monday November 16th

    Bunker Boys Golf Report

    Monday, November 16th

    Parichat, Rainbow

    1st Jimmy Carr (17) 36 points
    2nd Dave Ashman (22) 35 points
    3rd Geoff Parker (19) 35 points

    Near pins Jay Babbin, Bob Pains, & Dave Ashman X 2.

    Parichat is becoming a regular venue for the Bunker Boys with an attractive deal of twelve hundred Baht all-in on a course that is always in good shape. As people play it more and become familiar with its quirks it is slowly becoming a favorite for some. Today there were no complaints other than we ran up against a very slow six-ball late in the round and had to jump holes to avoid delays and then return to play the holes that were skipped.

    As always we played a rainbow format and again as people play this format and the course they work out the best way to proceed, consequently scoring was decent. Jimmy Carr took first with thirty-six points and Dave Ashman edged out Geoff Parker for second. Dave also took two near pins with one each going to Bob Paine and Jay Babbin.

    How good was it to see Steve Durey back on the golf course again after a prolonged illness, we now expect him to play regularly as his strength and stamina improve
    Our next scheduled visit to Parichat is Christmas day where last year Daryl Vernon organised Santa hats for his playing partners in what turned out to be a team event, what will this year bring without the regular flood of visitors?.

    Wednesday, November 18th

    Royal Lakeside

    1st Bob Paine (21) 42 points
    2nd Tony Robbins (21) 39 points
    3rd Geoff Parker (19) 35 points

    Near pins Jimmy Carr, & Bob Paine.

    A smaller than usual group made their way to Royal Lakeside for our midweek game at one of the better courses we play, and as always it was in fine condition apart from the bunkers. It looked like some bunkers had not seen a rake in quite some time, full of footmarks, and even amongst those that had been raked a very poor job had been done, some had sand piled up in mounds in places with big depressions either side, the rest of the course was flawless, very neat and tidy. A few greens were being repaired in small areas but this didn’t cause any problems.

    As a local six-ball hit off before us the marshal put us out off the fifth tee so we had no holdups all the way to the finish. In keeping with the quality of the course, scoring was of a high standard with a couple of exceptional scores. Bob Paine topped the list with forty-two points, clearly he is a much better player than his twenty-one handicap suggests. Another higher handicap player Tony Robbins took second with thirty-nine with Geoff Parker rounding out the scoring on thirty-five. Only two near pins were taken, one each to Jimmy Carr and Bob Paine.

    Friday, November 20th

    Khao Kheow Country Club A & C

    1st Myles Knowlson (13) 34 points
    2nd Michael Brett (17) 34 points
    3rd Bob Paine (19) 33 points

    Near pins Geoff Cox, Myles Knowlson, Les Cobban, & Michael Brett.

    The Khao Kheow course was busy today as you would expect for a holiday just like normal high season and play was slow, made all the more so by the ubiquitous Thai six-ball. As a result, the whole course was held up by one group, and of course, the marshal was nowhere to be seen, even the caddies in the following groups became frustrated with the situation.

    As always the course was in good condition, the rough was playable unlike many courses, the fairways and bunkers were well maintained and the greens were a good speed and ran true.

    Despite missing all our regular overseas visitors for this time of year and some of our locals taking time out we still managed a decent field of eleven, our numbers boosted by two ladies, Khun Ratchanok (Nok) on debut, and Khun Chamanut (Nu) in only her second game with us.

    Scoring was below average for Khao Kheow probably because of frustration with the speed of play. Myles Knowlson took first place on countback from Michael Brett with Bob Paine a stroke back in third. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Myles, Les Cobban, Geoff Cox, and Michael Brett, who finally got to sixty for the year. This was a significant milestone as Jimmy Carr promised ten thousand Baht to the first to reach sixty near pins, when Jimmy delivers on his promise there will be one hail of a party at Woody’s Bar but nobody is holding their breath.

    Bob Paine winner at Royal Lakeside

    Khun Nu

    Khun Nok

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  • Bunker Boys Golf Report For Week Commencing Monday November 9th

    Bunker Boys Golf Report

    Monday, November 9nd


    1st Tony Robbins (24) 42 points
    2nd  Dave Ashman (24) 40 points
    3rd Bob Paine (22) 38 points

    Near pins Kevin LeBar, Bob Paine, Tony Robbins, & Geoff Parker.

    Summer must be upon us as today was the first day in months that there was run on the fairways, in fact, quite a lot of run. The course which the Bunker Boys visited before was lush green is now already turning brown with even some bare areas. The greens on the front nine had just been cored and sanded and were quite tricky, all but the eighteenth on the back nine were as normal and very different. A stiff breeze blew all day making it difficult particularly for anyone with a tendency to slice or hook.
    The birds were in abundance today and not just the feathered type with Tony Robbins opening his account with an eagle on the very first hole followed three holes later with a birdie, in fact, several people got on the birdie trail. Tony would go on to amass twenty-four points on the front nine, no trouble there with the sandy greens. His total of forty-two was enough to land him first place. Who would have thought forty points wouldn’t be enough to win? certainly not Dave Ashman, alas it was only good enough to take second place, even thirty-eight by Bob Paine was a very nice score to take third. All the near pins were taken with one each to Kevin LeBar, Bob Paine, Tony Robbins, and Geoff Parker.
    Bunker Boys golf report week commencing Monday November 2nd
    Today was the first time in ages that we had a lady in our group with the delightful Khun Nu joining us for her debut, hopefully, she will become a regular and add a bit of glamour to what has become a bunch of wrinkled raisins.

    Wednesday, November 11th

    Burapha A, B, C, D.

    1st Tony Robbins (21) 37 points
    2nd Les Cobban (8) 33 points
    3rd Geoff Parker (19) 31 points

    Near pins Jimmy Carr, Les Cobban, & Tony Robbins X 2

    No, the bunker boys didn’t play thirty-six holes today but a composite course drawn from all four nines. It felt quite unusual skipping holes with some long travels to the next tee. The game moved along at pace until we ran up against one of the slowest three balls ever seen. After that, it was a case of wait on every shot, one could play a game of chess while waiting on some holes, needless to say, the marshal was no use on this occasion.

    A twelve hundred baht all-in fee was the lure that brought us to a course we rarely visit and given the condition of the course, it will be a long time before we return. It has to be said it was in very disappointing shape, the rough was very deep and thick and the greens were as bad as greens get. Many looked like they had been cored some time ago but not sanded or rolled so they were very bumpy, sometimes it was difficult to spot a ball on the greens without being in a depression.
    Bunker Boys golf report week commencing Monday November 2nd
    The weather looked threatening on the way to the course and a few drops did fall occasionally, but we managed to stay dry however, what remained constant was the wind which was howling on some holes.

    Tony Robbins is well on his way to another golfer of the month trophy with a first-place of thirty-seven points following on from his forty-two on Monday. Les Cobban is now out of rehab and back on his game taking second place with thirty-three points whilst Geoff Parker took third with thirty-one. All the near pins were taken with Tony bagging two with Les Cobban and Jimmy Carr taking the other two.

    Friday, November 13th

    Crystal Bay A & C

    1st Dave Ashman (22) 38 points
    2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 37 points
    3rd Michael Brett (15) 34 points

    Near pins Jay Babbin, Geoff Parker, Tony Robbins, & Michael Brett

    The Crystal Bay course was in just about as good condition as any other we play, the rough was playable and fair, the fairways well mowed, and the greens excellent. If there was a complaint it was the bunkers that would benefit from some attention. There was however a slight difference in speed from the A nine to the C nine but not too big a difference.

    The weather started off cool but warmed up over the course of the round. As we are now out of the rainy season we go directly into the windy season, again today it was blowing, quite strongly at times.

    Dave Ashman with a red hot putter took the honors today with thirty-eight points after a poor start with only a point on each of the first three holes. Jimmy Carr was a close second a stroke back whilst Michael Brett brought up the rear with thirty-four. Jay Babbin and Tony Robbins looked like winners on the front nine but fell away on the back, Jays putting let him down. Once again all the near pins were taken with one each to Jay Babbin, Geoff Parker, Tony Robbins, & Michael Brett.
    Two time winner Tony Robbins

    Dave Ashman, winner at Crystal Bay

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  • Career best for France and the Netherlands

    On the last day of the last competition of the year, our woman of the day was France’s Fanny Estelle Posvite. New to the -78kg category as of March this year, Posvite sealed her first Master’s title by defeating former world champion and double Olympic Medallist, her teammate and rival Audrey Tcheumeo.

    At +100kg, World and Olympic Medallist Harasawa Hisayoshi took gold. He was denied a chance of a rematch but still stood atop the podium.

    He was awarded his medal by Mr. Vladimir Barta, Head Sport Director for the International Judo Federation.

    After a fantastic day of defeating some of judo’s biggest stars, 2019 World Bronze Medallist and man of the day Michael Korrel produced an incredible performance. In the semi-final, Korrel stunned fans of judo all over the world as he sent Liparteliani of Georgia flying with this enormous uchi-mata. But his momentum did not stop there.

    In the final, he faced former world champion Aaron Wolf and devastated him with an effective drop seoi nage in Golden Score. He was absolutely thrilled to become World Masters Champion, ending what is surely the best year of his career.

    He was awarded his medal by Dr. Lisa Allan, Competition Manager for the International Judo Federation.

    Korrel said:

    “Me and my coach Benito Maij talked about it. We go every match, we start from zero. And every time again. And I fight all of those guys already before.

    “Liparteliani is a hero in sport, he is one of the biggest opponents I need to fight, and winning like this is an amazing feeling.

    “I really had the confidence and the energy to win today and I did it.”

    World Number 2 Tessie Savelkouls took the second gold for the Netherlands today, following in the footsteps of her compatriot, she scored with a dropping technique in golden score. She beat Azerbaijan’s Iryna Kindzerska with a rolling Seoi-nage for Waza-ari

    She was awarded her medal by IJF Refereeing Supervisor Mr. Neil Adams.

    A surprise came from Junior World Champion Lasha Bekauri of Georgia, who defeated the world number one Nikoloz Sherazadishvili in the -90kg final. A massive result for the young Georgian.

    Our move of the day came from the Silver medalist at -100kg, Aaron Wolf. A textbook Uchi-mata against World Medallist Karl-Richard Frey of Germany set him on his journey to his podium spot.

    A fantastic end to a fantastic year of judo.

  • 12-year old “Milk” wins world drone racing championship again

    12-year old Wanraya “Milk” Wannapong from Thailand has won the 2019 FAI World Drone Racing Championship Grand Final (women’s division) for the second year in a row. The competition was held in Ningpo town in China on Saturday, and her winning time was 55.739 seconds.

    In second and third place were Siyun Park, 15, from South Korea and 34-year old Teng Ma from the United States respectively.

    Last year, Milk became the youngest person ever to win the FAI World Drone Championship.


  • World Judo Masters day two: a good day for the Netherlands

    Day two of the World Judo Masters in Qingdao saw the youth of China excited to witness the very best in the world battling it out for Masters glory.

    The Netherland’s Kim Polling was on form all day, blasting her way to the -70kg final.

    Coming into this event off the back of two consecutive Grand Slam finals, the three-time Masters champion was delighted to make it four, by defeating team mate Sanne Van Dijke.

    After scoring Waza-ari once, she kept pushing to score again and claim victory. All smiles for Polling after an all-out attacking final.

    “I like to attack and it’s also my problem,” explained Polling. “Because sometimes, you also don’t need to attack. I mean some judoka are really good at it, and I am not at all, and sometimes I would waste it, I would be a bit more able to not attack, because sometimes it’s good not to attack.”

    In the other women’s weight, Nabekura Nami of Japan shocked the judo world by defeating four-time World Champion Clarisse Agbegnenou after a tough contest that went deep into golden score.

    A big moment for Nabekura, stepping up and perhaps claiming the number one spot in Japan.

    She was awarded her medal by Mr Cui Gang, Chairman of Taishan Sports Equipment Co. Ltd.

    Our man of the day was the young Belgian World Silver Medallist Matthias Casse.

    After a day of epic contests, grinding his way past one fantastic opponent after another, he ended the year taking the coveted Masters title, after a rematch of the World Final against Sagi Muki wasn’t to be.

    He was awarded his medal by Mr Giuseppe Maddaloni, Refereeing Supervisor of the International Judo Federation.

    “So my three major competitions this year,” said Casse. “I did really well, so the European title, second at the Worlds and then here, the World Masters, so it’s an amazing year, I couldn’t have dreamt about it in the beginning of the year. But I’m really glad that my training is paying off and I’m looking forward to 2020”

    Former World Champion Hashimoto Soichi took Gold at -73kg.

    The explosive Japanese judoka was on form all day, this Ippon his highlight of his route to the finals – he thoroughly deserved his top spot on the podium in China.

    Our move of the day was by the eventual Silver Medallist of the -70kg category, Sanne Van Dijke.

    Taking on double World Medallist Bernabeu of Spain, she launched her for an emphatic Ippon.

    Fantastic Judo on day two of the World Judo Masters.

  • US World Cup hero Rapinoe favourite to pick up Ballon d’Or 2019

    Megan Rapinoe looks set to be awarded the Ballon d’Or, after her heroics helped the United States to World Cup glory this summer.

    Having already picked up the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year in September, the 34-year-old forward is the favourite to win what will be only the second ever women’s Ballon d’Or, after the women’s award was launched last year.

    The award recognises the best player in the world for that year.

    The Reign FC forward scored six goals in the World Cup and earned both the Golden Boot as the top scorer and the Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player.

    Ada Hegerberg was the first ever woman to be awarded a Ballon d’Or, when she picked up the gong in 2018.

    There was some controversy as the Lyon and Norway forward collected her award, when the host asked her on stage if she knew “how to twerk” – a comment perceived by many as sexist.

    In the men’s category, Lionel Messi is odds-on favourite to win a record sixth Ballon d’Or.

    The Ballon d’Or has been awarded five times apiece to two footballing titans of their generation – Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The latter, while nominated for this year’s award, hasn’t had the same impact in 2019 as his Argentinian rival.

    Messi, who last won the award in 2015, has already scored 11 goals and provided eight assists in just 14 games so far this season, while in the 18-19 season he scored a stunning 51 goals in 50 games.

    SkyBet puts Messi as clear favourite to win the award at the glitzy ceremony in Paris tonight, with odds of 1/33. He is followed by Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk at 8/1, and then by Ronaldo at 20/1.

    Last year, Real Madrid’s Luka Modric won, marking the first time in 10 years that neither Messi nor Ronaldo were named the world’s best player. It also marked the recognition of a player whose primary purpose isn’t to score goals. After helping Liverpool to become champions of Europe and propelling them to the top of the Premier League this season, van Dijk will be hoping to cause an upset and become the first defender to win the award since Fabio Cannavaro in 2006.

    In fact, Liverpool’s domination of Europe is reflected in the shortlist for the award – the Reds have six other players alongside van Dijk.

  • Sone Akira seals Tokyo 2020 spot with Osaka Grand Slam win

    Excitement at the Osaka Grand Slam on its third and final day.

    Georgian powerhouse Beka Gviniashvili was Man of the Day, after a thrilling contest against Uzbekistan’s Davlat Bobonov. The Uzbek pulled ahead, scoring waza-ari, but Gviniashvili evened up. The drama continued, with Bobonov thinking he had scored again, but the Georgian kept his head, and mustered the energy for an emphatic i ppon, winning him his first Grand Slam since 2016.

    Gviniashvili received his medal from Mr Armen Bagdasarov, Sport Director of the International Judo Federation.

    “Of course I’m happy because this is the first time I’ve won a Grand Slam in Japan,” Gviniashvili said after the match. “This is a major event and a very difficult tournament for me. I lost at the Tokyo World Championships, so I wanted to make a comeback. I’m very happy because I did it, the final result is excellent, I am Osaka Grand Slam Champion”

    Sone wins gold – and a spot for Tokyo 2020

    Japan’s Akira Sone sealed her spot at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with a win against Idalys Ortiz of Cuba in the +78kg final. The reigning World Champion defeated the former Olympic Champion with an attack deep into Golden Score.

    Ouchi Gari, an inner reaping technique, classical Judo, and winning her a place at the Tokyo Olympics.

    Mr. Sato Nobuyuki, honorary member of the IJF awarded Sone her medal.

    “Ortiz is a very very strong Judoka,” Sone said, “I just made sure that I always took the lead, I was always a step forward. I wanted to do an attack, and I made sure that I was able to do it, and so I was able to win.”

    Moment of Sportsmanship

    At -100kg former World Champion Ryunosuke Haga was here to prove a point, and that he did, against one of the toughest fighters in the category – a spectacular uchi-mata scored waza-ari before a beautiful moment of sportsmanship with Olympic Silver Medallist Elmar Gasimov, as Gasimov congratulated his opponent with a warm hug.

    Haga received his medal from Dr Lisa Allan, Competition Manager of the IJF.

    The -78kg category saw yet another all Japan final. After going a waza-ari down Mami Umeki countered her compatriot to score Ippon and take her one step closer to the Tokyo Olympics.

    At +100kg Hyoga Ota of Japan took on Russia’s Inal Tasoev whoscored waza-ari against Ota, and held out to take his second Grand Slam title.

    Move of the Day

    Our move of the day came from 2015 World Champion Gwak Donghan, executing a simply magical tai otoshi attack on Shochiro Mukai, devastating Japan’s World Silver Medallist with a perfect bit of Judo. A fantastic way to wrap up the last Grand Slam of the year.

  • Brazilian Mikaili Sol wins Kiteboarding World Championships

    Colombian Valentin Rodriguez and Brazil’s Mikaili Sol soared to success in the freestyle Kiteboarding World Championships in Combuco on Saturday.

    The 17-year-old Rodriguez snatched victory right at the end of the competition, beating Adeuri Corniel into second place with Spain’s Liam Whaley third.

    Just 15-years-old, Mikaili Sol took the women’s title in front of her home fans, who were expecting big things after her victory in three out of four World Cup events during the year.

    Compatriot Bruna Kajiya finished second ahead of Dutch rider Pippa van Iersel in third.

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