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  • Drunk man thought his car was stolen in a gas station.

    A 50-year-old man called the police reporting that his car was stolen in a local gas station. Turned out the man was drunk to the point that he couldn’t remember how he arrived at the gas station. After a while, he finally realized a friend had dropped him off.

    This incident was shared by a news show on Channel 3 Thailand. It took place on 10 November 2019 in the City of Lampang Province. Srimuang Niamjan 50 years old called the police and informed them that his car was missing in a PTT gas station. Srimuang stated that he had just gone to a party and was driving. He decided to buy some items from a convenience store located in the gas station. He drove into the station, parked the car and left without taking his keys with him.

    Credit: Kapook
    Credit: Kapook

    Somehow he truly believed this story, as it might have truly happed before on similar nights out. A police officer was sent to his location. He continued with the story and added some details stating he left the car on and went to buy a soda. It only took a few minutes but when he returned the car was gone. Someone must have driven it away.

    Credit: Kapook
    Credit: Kapook

    The officer contacted the gas station branch owner to take a look at the security footage. The video showed that the man was dropped off by a friend. He came out of the car and waved goodbye before the car drove away. After Srimuang was told the truth, he still didn’t believe the officer and insisted that he had driven there himself. Finally, after a while, he remembered the real story and apologized to the officer and the gas station owner that came to help him.

    FB Caption: After the police officer informed him that the security footage showed he was dropped off by a friend, the man still didn’t believe the real story.

    Source: Kapook, Channel 3 News


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