• Suspect in Rohingya human trafficking arrested after four years on the run

    One of the key suspects, wanted by the police for alleged involvement in the trafficking of Rohingya migrants from Myanmar into southern Thailand four years ago, has been arrested in Cambodia and handed over to Thai immigration police.

    The suspect, Mr. Supat “Kotok” Santipiyakul, was among 148 people, including a former army advisor Lt-Gen Manat Kongpaen, was allegedly involved in the human trafficking and illegal detention of the Rohingya migrants at a border camp in Padang Besar of Hat Yai district in the southern province of Songkhla.

    Pol Maj-Gen Surapong Chaichan, deputy commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, said today (Sunday) that Supat denied the trafficking charges but admitted he knew Lt-Gen Manat because they used to do business together.

    When police rounded up most of the suspects four years ago, Supat escaped the dragnet and reportedly fled to Cambodia, where he had business connections.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the Appeals Court increased the jail terms for most of the defendants convicted by the lower court for human trafficking.   Lt-Gen Manat, for instance, had his jail term increased from 27 to 87 years.


  • Drunk Ferrari driver is back again with a knife to his throat.

    The foreigner that previously made it to the media after he drove his Ferrari into a Girl’s car from behind and started to attack her is back again with another case. He held a knife to his own throat for over 7 hours, the officers finally persuaded him to stop holding the knife after he got tired of resisting.

    In the previous case that took place on 23 September 2019, the foreigner drove into a girl’s car in Khon Kaen Province. He seemed drunk or under the influence of something when he came out of the car. He started beating the girl while telling her that he is the richest person in Khon Kaen. The girl came out and posted on her personal Facebook page stating “This is to warn others of the dangerous man named Wesly. I parked my car and was venting to my friend about some life problems. This man parked behind my car, at first I didn’t think anything of it as he had on loud music. Then when I was about to leave he drove straight into my car from behind. He came out of his car and started yelling at us, then he started attacking us. Thankfully employees of a restaurant nearby came running to help us. While waiting almost an hour for the police the man kept on yelling and trying to beat us again. I tried to take a long video, but he threw my phone on the ground. He drives an orange Ferrari registered in Khon Kaen.”. In the end, the suspects family ended up paying 18,000 THB to the victim.

    In the latest case on 29 September 2019, The Ban Ped Police were notified of a foreign man acting out holding a knife to his own throat in front of Kum Hai Church of Christ in Ban Ped Sub-district, Khon Kaen City. When the police arrived, the people in the area reported that he had been holding the knife for at least  3 hours.


    The police and the local rescue team were on standby, finally after 4 hours trying to calm him down. The man started to feel tired, this is when the officers ran in and took the knife away from him. The rescue team has delivered him to Sikarin Hospital for further medical care.

    FB Caption: The foreign man was holding a knife to his own throat for 3 hours before the police arrived in front of the Kum Hai Church of Christ.

    Source: Ejan, Sanook


  • American arrested hiding in Thailand wanted by Homeland Security

    The Immigration Police are responsible for foreigners residing in Thailand, especially those hiding from illegal charges in their countries, and even worse those using Thailand as a base to their illegal activities. The Immigration Police reported on 23 September 2019 of an American man hiding in Thailand. Officials were contacted from the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) under emergency circumstances of an International Criminal named Derick.

    Derick had committed serious crimes in Virginia and North Carolina. Some of his charges include owning explosives, robbery, breaking and entering, contempt of court, obstruction of justice,  bomb threats, DUI charges, dealing marijuana, possession of weapons, pickpocketing, and multiple cases of theft.

    The Virginia Court has issued an arrest warrant in his name under charges of marijuana sales and the possession of deadly weapons. In September 2019, the US heard the news that Derick has traveled into Thailand since September of 2014. He had a Visa allowing him to remain in the Kingdom until 19 October 2014, but there is no information of an extension of stay or information of Derick leaving the country.

    Officials sent the information to HSI in the U.S. Embassy in Thailand, revealing that Derick is a wanted man with many criminal charges against him. He is an extremely dangerous individual to society and the Kingdom. The Immigration Police has been working with HSI, investigation results lead to information that Derick is hiding in Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

    The Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration Police were notified of the news leading to the successful arrest of Derick. The Biometrics system helped greatly in tracking Derick down. Now in Thailand, International criminals like Derick will have a much harder time if they decide to come into Thailand specifically to hide from their crimes believing that they can start over and become a nobody even after hurting so many people.

    Credit: Thai Immigration
    Credit: Thai Immigration

    FB Caption: Some of Derick charges include owning explosives, robbery, breaking and entering, contempt of court, obstruction of justice,  bomb threats, DUI charges, dealing marijuana, possession of weapons, pickpocketing, and multiple cases of theft.




  • 3 Foreigners and human trafficking mama arrested.

    The Immigration Police Reported on the 6th of this month (September 2019) on 4 arrests that recently took place. There are 2 cases involving the arrest of a Korean citizen, a Mongolian pickpocket gang, and the arrest of a Thai human trafficking mama who lured girls to Italy.

    The first arrest is a Korean man that has been hiding for over 10 years. He is in a fraudulent case in South Korea with damages of 144 Million Won or 5 Million THB. Sung Jin 61 years old was arrested in his room at a condominium located in Suan Luang, Bangkok. The suspect invited businessmen to invest in a road trip to drive through other countries. The case took place between 2009 to 2010. Sung Jin has been hiding in many countries and was arrested here in Thailand.

    Sung Chun 39 years old another Korea man was arrested at a hotel on Ekkamai 26, Bangkok. The suspect is a drug leader who will find drugs in Thailand and smuggle them into South Korea. The police arrested a member of his gang in February of this year that leads to Sung Chun’s arrest. Communications between the buyer to seller takes place on the Telegram application.

    Credit: Mthai
    Credit: Mthai

    The next case is the arrest of a Mongolian pickpocket gang. The police received a report from a Thai victim who was pickpocketed at the Siam BTS Station in Bangkok. The 3 suspects were found still walking around the Skytrain station on the same day. The police invited the victim to point out the suspects where they found the victim’s phone along with 13 pieces of evidence that were stolen from other victims on the same day. There was 1 other person involved, but he managed to getaway.

    The last case is the arrest of Kularb Rampung a Thai woman. Kularb has been lying to Thai women inviting them to go to work as maids in Italy. Instead of finding them proper jobs as promised, she sold them by prostitution to buyers in Italy. Kularb was in the prosecution process but she ran out of Thailand while the case was taking place in 2009. Kularb changed her name and was traveling in and out of Thailand. She was exposed when a Surin Immigration Officer discovered her secret.

    FB Caption: The 3 suspects were found still walking around the Skytrain station on the same day after pickpocketing the victim.


  • Suspected thief says he stole railway pins and steel plates to get cash

    Mr. Sompong Klaikloeng , the man arrested by Phetchaburi provincial police for allegedly stealing railway pins and steel plates, causing a south-bound train to derail at noon on Monday, has admitted to the police that he did not intend the derail the train, but only meant to trade the stolen objects for cash.

    Police say they remain skeptical about his story and are continuing to question him.

    The Thon Buri-Lang Suan train left Bangkok on Monday and was derailed as it was travelling between Huay Tan and Hua Hin stations.  There were no injuries.

    Phetchaburi provincial police raided a scrap dealer in Cha-am district on the same night and found many railway pins and steel plates, which are used to secure the rails to the sleepers.

    Sompong faces charges of theft and causing the derailment of a train.


  • Man robs bank then goes for some ice cream and gets arrested.

    A man went to rob a bank, he felt out of breath and hot so he stopped for some ice cream before entering a building where the police arrested him, maybe if he skipped the ice cream break and went straight into hiding he wouldn’t have ended up in jail so quickly.

    Police Captain Van Jitjaruwong from the Chai Nat City Police was notified of a bank robbery on the 27th of this month (August 2019) at a local Government Savings bank in Chai Nat. When the police arrived they checked the security footage and discovered that the robber was a man dressed in a gray shirt, long black pants and a mask covering his face.

    The robber walked into the bank with his hand behind his back, acting as if he was holding a gun. He told the girl at the bank counter “I have no choice, give me the money”. The bank girl kept her cool and tried to pull some time. She told the man to walk into another room and took the opportunity when he was not looking to press the emergency button.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    The man realized what the girl did so he forced her to give him money. She handed 16,000 THB cash that was in the drawer. The man ran out of the bank with the money to a mall 300 meters away from the bank. The Chainat Police surrounded the area and successfully arrested the suspect hiding in a building.

    The man entered the building and told the people inside that he needed to use the toilet. He then climbed to the top of the building in an attempt to hide the cash. Pakpoom 26 years old stated that he borrowed his friend’s truck for the robbery.

    He was carrying no weapon with him, but he pretended like he was hiding a gun to make the bank girl scared. When he finished robbing the bank he felt out of breath and hot so he went to buy an ice cream to cool off before entering the building where he was arrested by the Chai nat Police.


    Pakpoom stated that he has a debt of 400,000 THB from online gambling. When he was driving the truck, he had no clear destination in mind nor did he have an idea of what to do. Then when he drove past the Government’s Saving Banks branch in Chai Nat City he saw that there weren’t many people inside. He decided on the spot to rob the bank to pay his online gambling debt.

    FB Caption: Pakpoom felt out of breath after robbing the bank so he went and got some ice cream to cool off before continuing his chase with the police.


  • UPDATE: Suspect wanted for rape of girl, 12, arrested

    A 42-year-old suspect, Samruay Jitcheun, wanted for the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl in an abandoned building in Bangkok’s Bang Kapi district last Wednesday has been arrested and taken into police custody.

    Samruay was arrested on Saturday night while lying low at the Bung Samran community in Ramkhamhaeng area following a tip-off about his whereabouts, Patrol and Special Operation Division 191 commander Pol Maj-General Samran Nuanma told a press conference on Sunday afternoon. Samruay initially confessed to police that he had raped the girl because he became sexually aroused after taking drugs, the police commander said.

    A police probe also found that Samruay had two arrest warrants for two separate theft cases against him: one in Sai Mai precinct and the other in Min Buri precinct, while he had also been arrested twice on charge of taking narcotic substances in Bangkok in 2012 and 2018.

    The crime was initially labelled a gang-rape case but a police probe later determined that Samruay was the rape suspect while his male friend, who had accompanied him and the girl into the building at the time, allegedly was there to take drugs – an offence for which he will face separate charges, Samran explained.

    Police said Samruay was known as a family friend of the girl and reportedly gave her a lift to and from school occasionally.

    He has been charged with raping a minor under 15 and “taking away” a minor from parents for a lewd act.

    On Wednesday, the day of the alleged attack, Samruay – who was involved previously in a drug crime and has no permanent job – showed up at the girl’s house in the evening after having been out of contact with the family for a month. Finding the girl alone at home, he lured her to go with him to buy snacks.

    The girl’s mother was unable to locate the teen for hours before she showed up in her neighborhood late at night and told her mum she had been raped.

    The mother and daughter filed a complaint at the Hua Mark Police Station, after which investigators inspected the alleged crime scene in an abandoned building at the end of Ramkhamhaeng Soi 81/4 in Bang Kapi district, and found traces of semen on a mattress.

    According to the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation, which provides aid and legal consultation to victims of sexual assault or harassment cases, half of all rapes in Thailand as reported in 158 national news stories in 2011 were committed by family members (father, step-father, grandfather or brothers) or acquaintances (neighbour, friend, teacher or monk). Only 33 per cent of such cases were committed by strangers.

  • US camp raid suspect trained children for school shootings: prosecutors

    A man arrested in a raid on a squalid compound in New Mexico was training children living there to carry out school shootings, prosecutors said Wednesday.


    Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, was arrested along with four other people on Friday at the desert compound in Amalia, New Mexico, and has been charged with 11 counts of child abuse.

    Eleven children aged one to 15 were found living on the compound in filthy conditions, prosecutors said, and Wahhaj is under investigation for the death of a 12th child — possibly his son — whose body was discovered on the property.

    “Trip hazards, woods with nails sticking up, broken glass, bottles, and open trenches littered the property,” prosecutors said Wednesday in a court filing requesting that Wahhaj be held in custody.

    Prosecutors quoted the foster parent of one of the children as claiming that Wahhaj “had trained the child in the use of an assault rifle in preparation for future school shootings.”

    “(Wahhaj) poses a great danger to the children found on the property as well as a threat to the community as a whole due to the presence of firearms and his intent to use these firearms in a violent and illegal manner,” the court filing said.

    Wahhaj is wanted in the state of Georgia for the alleged abduction of his four-year-old son. Authorities are investigating whether the remains found at the New Mexico compound are those of the missing boy.

    Three women believed to be the mothers of the 11 children found at the compound were also arrested in Friday’s raid along with another man, Lucas Morten, and charged with child abuse.

    Source :The Nation

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