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  • Man finds 2 Kilogram Whale Vomit in Satun

    A man in Satun Province found Ambergris commonly referred to as whale vomit while he was taking a walk on the beach. The man hopes to sell the whale vomit and use the money to care for his family.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    Somsak 45 years old from Satun Province is the man with the great discovery, he brings it out for the media to see in his home. Somsak stated that he makes a living by selling trash found on the beach. On a special day, his family went to pick up trash together on the beach at Koh Tarutao Beach. One of the family members accidentally stepped on a large lump. They picked it up and thought they had seen something similar on TV.

    The family decided to carry the whale vomit into their local village to show the villagers. All of the people who saw the whale vomit confirmed their suspicions. He decided to test the whale vomit by burning it as he saw online and it turned out exactly how the website stated, confirming that it is whale vomit and he had just found a pile of treasure.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    The whale vomit weighs 2.5 kilograms. Somsak doesn’t know exactly how much it is worth, but nevertheless, it will greatly help his family out. Somsak is very grateful as he will use the money to buy a boat so he can go back to fishing. His boat fell apart in a storm, causing him to lose his job so he had to pick up trash to sell from the beach for a living.

    Somsak states that if anyone knows how to sell the whale vomit he will be happy to pay a share of the price, as his family is currently dealing with hard times and the money will them out greatly.

    FB Caption: Somsak is very grateful as he will use the money to buy a boat and go back to fishing.

    Source: Sanook, INN News


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