Three Monks

  • Three monks deported to Cambodia after complaints of donation pressures

    Police deported three monks back to their home country of Cambodia this week after the monks reportedly stood outside a local resident’s home in Si Sa Ket province on numerous occasions this week so as to pressure the homeowner to make cash donations to them.

    The unnamed Kanthararom district homeowner, having had enough of the alleged pressure, posted his experience to the Facebook community page “Si Sa Ket Today” and claimed that he felt uneasy and unsafe.

    Many social media users questioned whether the three were real monks, while others shared their tales similar encounters.

    Kanthararom superintendent Pol Colonel Pisanu Sitthithoon assigned officers to investigate this case. Traffic officer Pol Captain Preeda Kulsirorat reported that the three monks – who were found collecting alms in the district – were from neighbouring Cambodia.

    The monks lacked travel documents and so police brought them to the Si Sa Ket Immigration Police Office for deportation.

  • Three monks at two Yasothon temples arrested, defrocked for drug use

    Three monks at two temples in Yasothon’s Muang district were arrested and defrocked on Wednesday after they tested positive for drug use.


    Officials from the National Buddhism Office sought help from the a local Army base and police to search the two temples on Wednesday.

    At the Wat Thung Sawang Chaiyaphum, Phra Chakkraphan Deebung, 29, was arrested and defrocked after 9.23 grams of marijuana were found in his living quarters.

    Phra Suwat Nonthalun, 32, and Phra Jittakorn Supala, 38, were arrested and defrocked at Wat Tub Tao after they tested positive for drug use.

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