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Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Grandmother of 17 grandchildren marries 24-year-old man, will have a child together this year

A grandmother of seventeen grandchildren is ready to further expand her family by welcoming a new child with her 24-year-old husband. The couple is going...

TikTok Starts Testing Dislike Button For Comments Which Remains Private: What It Means

If you upload a nice video to TikTok, you will get an inappropriate or hurtful response out of nowhere. Unfortunately, that happens often enough...

‘Genius’ way woman busts cheating boyfriend goes viral on TikTok

Some people are so adept at finding information through social media that they should seriously consider a job with the Secret Service. So is Steph. In...

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for filming her ‘DIY’ IUD removal

On TikTok it is not easy to do something strange, given the countless crazy trends that have already come along. However, the videos with the...

Three youths arrested for handing out ping-pong bombs during a demonstration in Bangkok

Just before the weekend arrived, three teenagers were arrested for allegedly making “ping-pong bombs” and distributing them during a rally in the Ding Deang...

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