• Taxi driver leaves passenger to look for bathroom in heavy traffic.

    A taxi driver had to go to the bathroom so bad that he decided to let the passenger drive the car while he looks for a toilet. This incident took place on one of the worst roads to be on while the busy hour takes place on the Ladprao – Ratchayothin Road. The story was shared by the passenger on his Facebook “Pakapak Sankhasundara”. This story helps prove how bad the traffic can get in Bangkok.

    Pakapak stated in his post posted on 15 October 2019 “An eye-opening experience for me today. I called a taxi from Ladprao and the car was stuck in traffic at the Ratchayothin Intersection for 20 minutes without moving. The driver turned on the air conditioning up it was like he had a pet penguin in the front seat. Of Course, he ended up having to use the bathroom so bad.

    Suddenly he jumped out of the car without warning me first at all. The driver said, “Please drive the car forward!”. He then ran to the side of the road and disappeared. I quickly jumped out and sat in the driver’s seat. Then the traffic started moving, I tried to look for the driver and he still hasn’t found a toilet. He was walking on the side of the road. As he saw that the car has moved forward to the SCB Bank exiting the intersection, he ran like his life depended on it and I tried to drive the car as slow as I could.

    I decided to turn left with the fear of getting hit from behind, thankfully he made it just in time. He still hadn’t gone to the toilet and there were no gas stations ahead. The driver suggested whether he should just do it right by the road in front of the long lines of traffic. He decided to not do so as the people walking by might yell at him.

    Facebook User: Pakapak Sankhasundara
    Facebook User: Pakapak Sankhasundara

    I continued to drive and suddenly remembered that there was a community mall called Box Space up ahead. I told him “Uncle there’s a restaurant up ahead I’m sure there’s a bathroom”. The driver responded “No, I’m afraid I can’t find it” to which I reassured him “Don’t be afraid I’ll find a bathroom for you”. As soon as I made the turn he jumped out of the passenger seat and ran, the car was still moving. For a moment I thought he would have to come back to my Condo.”

    It’s lucky the driver had a passenger who knew how to drive a car and knew the locations in the area or the story might turn out much more terrifying.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    Facebook Caption: Suddenly the driver jumped out of the car and said: “Please drive the car forward!”. He then ran to the side of the road and disappeared.

    Source: Sanook, Facebook User: Pakapak Sankhasundara


  • New Thai law means traffic police cannot confiscate driving licences

    The Thai government are coming up with new ideas to actually lure people to visit Thailand.

    Go figure!?!

    Now the Tourism Authority of Thailand is suggesting to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to extend the closing hours of night entertainment establishments in Thailand’s party zones by another 2 hours, from 2am until 4am.

    Of course, in most of the best-known party places around the country, the bars and clubs are open well after the ‘official’ 2am curfew anyway, many until dawn.

    TAT Govenror Yutthasak Supasorn met with the Tourism and Sports Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakan to extend the operating hours of night entertainment venues such as bars and nightclubs by adding a few extra hours of party time. He say it would stimulate spending by foreign tourists and would promote tourism industry.

    The TAT governor is heading to Pattaya on Saturday to meet with operators of the night entertainment establishments. He says he plans to visit other night hot spots around the country as well.

    He added some points of clarification…

    • Not every night entertainment establishments would be allowed to operate up to 4 am. Only the night spots which are popular among tourists would be considered.

    • He estimates that the extra two-hour would add 25 percent in revenue to operators

    • He estimates spending between 5,000-6,000 baht per head

    Yutthasak says that most tourists usually start visiting bars at 9 or 10 pm and then stay on until the venues are closed and if the closing hours are extended by two hours, they are likely to drink more and spend more.


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