• City Line trains to expand service

    Four Express Line trains in the Airport Rail Link will be renovated into City Line trains with space to accommodate 20,000 more passengers a day, the managing director of the firm said on Wednesday.


    Suthep Phanpheng, deputy managing director of operator Electrified Train Co that operates the Airport Rail Link, said his company would spend Bt190 million to transform the interior of the four Express Line trains to be similar to City Line trains.

    The electrified train has discontinued the unpopular Express Line service and used its six trains for normal services of the City Line.

    Each City Line train has two rows of seats facing each other along the length of each carriage with plenty of space for standing in the middle. But the Express Line trains have rows of seats on both sides with little space to stand.

    After the renovation is completed, the Airport Rail Link will be able to transport 20,000 more passengers a day. An average of 80,000 passengers use the service each day at peak times, he added.

    The Airport Rail Link’s City Line service is notoriously crowded during rush hour with some passengers denied access.

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