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  • Angry Truck Driver scares gas station employees.

    An angry customer drove around a gas station and threw alcohol bottles at another customer in the early hours of 9 October 2019. The story was shared by one of the gas boys at the gas station where the incident took place. Facebook user Atirut Someprasert attached a video of the truck in the gas station along with the caption “If anyone sees this truck please let me know. The driver tried to beat the gas station employees. If anyone knows the driver or has any information please help us. Please share this post”. Netizens helped share the post and many agreed that the driver was extremely unreasonable.

    Credit: Atirut Someprasert
    Credit: Atirut Someprasert

    The Sanook News Team went to inspect the gas station located in Chonburi Province. They met the employee who recorded the video named Niracha 23 years old. Niracha stated that the night employees were working as usual in the gas station. This was until around 2.30 in the morning when a Black Toyota truck drove into the gas station. They thought it was just a normal customer or someone visiting the gas station to use the bathroom so the employees didn’t pay much attention to the description of the car, the driver, or the license.

    Then there was noise coming from the bathroom. Turns out the truck driver got into a fight with a motorbike driver who parked his motorbike in front of the bathroom but was buying some items in the convenience store located in the station. It started with an argument but then situations escalated into a fight. The truck driver went to his truck and grabbed alcohol bottles. He then threw them at the other customer.


    The truck driver jumped back into his car before driving his truck around the gas station trying to hit the gas station employees and other random customers. Niracha reported that the truck driver was driving really fast in circles around the station. The employees were extremely scared, they all tried to run and hide in fear of getting drove into.

    Niracha and the gas station manager each ran to opposite sides of the station. She quickly grabbed her phone and recorded a video. After a while, the truck driver drove away as nothing happened. The employees are mentally affected by this incident and hope that the driver doesn’t do this again, someone can die if they didn’t run away from his truck fast enough.

    FB Caption: The truck driver drove around the gas station in circles trying to hit the employees and random customers.

    Source: Sanook, Facebook user: Atirut Someprasert


  • Video: Truck driver escapes death after train smash in Thailand

    A truck driver and his passenger have escaped with their lives after a freight train smashed into their vehicle and pushed it along the tracks.

    The pair had ignored a closed level crossing in Uttaradit, northern Thailand, where a motorcyclist was patiently waiting and had driven straight onto the line.

    Emerging unscathed, they were treated for minor injuries and shock at a nearby hospital.

    CCTV footage shows the motorcyclist waiting at the level crossing, which had a barrier down before the truck arrives.

    It drives straight past and onto the railway line, straight into the path of a six-track freight train.

    The locomotive slams into the truck and flings it to the side before pushing it along.

    In the seconds after the strike, the motorcyclist can be seen rushing over to help alongside other witnesses.

    Government officials warned other road users to be cautious and always check the warning lights and sounds when they approach level crossings.

    The Uttaradit Municipality Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department said: ’Be careful when driving on the road, especially at the railway crossings. Observe all of the warnings well.

    ’Follow the rules and your property and your life will not be in danger.’

    The crash happened after 5 pm local time on Wednesday this week.

    It follows Irish Rail’s decision to issue a warning at the beginning of this month after CCTV caught a rubbish truck, car, and two joggers, dashing across railway lines despite level crossing barriers being closed.

    The transport company said it had seen an 82 percent rise in the number of hits on its crossings this year, compared to the year before.


  • Family asks Crimes Suppression to intervene in probe over daughter’s suspicious death

    The family of a teenager who suspiciously sustained fatal injuries brought an empty coffin to the Crimes Suppression Division (CSD) on Monday to press for legal action against three suspects.


    Nareekan Yawiraj, 19, was rushed to hospital on July 19 before later succumbing to injuries.

    Truck driver Surapon Darakham, who was reportedly asked to take Nareekan home following a night outing, is a suspect alongside Nareekan’s friend Sirinat Robram and her boyfriend, who is now identified only as Top. They had hung out together at an entertainment venue before something suspicious happened to Nareekan.

    Line chat records show Nareekan expressed intense fear while with Surapon in his truck. She was later found with serious injuries at a hospital in Ayutthaya province.

    An autopsy found Nareekan died of injuries caused by a blunt object to her head.

    “I won’t cremate my daughter’s body until the CSD nails down the culprits,” said Nareekan’s father, Subin Yawiraj.

    Help Crime Victims Club’s president Achariya Rueangrattanapong accompanied him to the CSD on Monday as he stepped in to help the family fight for justice.

    According to Achariya, the victim might have been sexually violated and physically assaulted leading to her death.

    Achariya also planned to ask Provincial Police Region 1 chief Pol Lt-General Suwat Changyodsuk to set up a committee to investigate the Bang Pa-in Police Station for alleged negligence.

    Police at the station have pressed a charge of detention against Surapon only.

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