• Tourist misunderstood chairs on the road as sign of kindness.

    A tourist visiting Thailand saw chairs placed on the road and understood it as a sign of kindness, where the truth is the chairs are placed as a securement for a parking spot. The story was shared by Facebook user Chotipat Wachipaibunsuk on 22 November 2019. The post had a picture attached that showed two chairs placed on the road with a bicycle and a few other cars. The Thai Quote website stated “those who don’t know, they’ll say nice things. After seeing chairs placed on the road, the tourist thought Thai’s were kind as they had placed chairs for people to sit on. The truth is the chairs are to keep a parking spot. This is illegal and the maximum fine is 10,000 THB.”

    Chotipat stated in his post “A relative came to visit Thailand from Germany. I took him on a tour and was walking in a market when we saw the chairs. He turned to me and said that Samut Sakhon people are very kind. They place chairs in front of their homes so that others can come and sit, this means that they care for other people. Those who are traveling can come to rest on the chairs. I didn’t know how to feel so I answered sarcastically and said these people are so kind, they park their cars in the middle of the road so others can sit on the chair. I don’t have to say where this is, the district office is right across from here.”

    Chotipat posted an update on 26 November 2019 with a picture and a caption that stated “The police are reorganizing the road at Mahachai market. The officers are doing the right thing, too bad my relative returned to Germany already”.

    According to the Act of the Maintenance of the Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Country B.E. 2535, no one can place an object on the road unless it is placed by a government officer or the traffic police. The punishment is a fine not exceeding 10,000 THB. If the object is a danger to others on the public road then it is also breaking criminal law with punishment not exceeding 5,000 THB.

    FB Caption: “A relative came to visit Thailand from Germany. I took him on a tour and was walking in a market when we saw the chairs.”


  • Girl’s newly purchased car gets stolen from car center.

    A girl came out to share her story with the media after her newly purchased car went missing in the car center. Nantawan 27 years old went to file a complaint with the complaint center at the Office of the Consumer Protection Board on 27 November 2019 along with the evidence that includes the police report and security footage of when her car went missing.

    Nantawan went to file a report with the Huamak Police Station in Bangkok pm 7 November 2019. She had brought her car in for repairs at a car center in Huamak. Her car still had the red license plate which is issued by the car dealership until the car is officially registered, this is a temporary red license plate that is normally used for about 1 month after the purchase before using the normal white license plate.

    The victim’s car went missing while it was in for service at the center. When asked where her car was, the center replied that the man who drove the car away on 5 November 2019 claimed he was sent from a color center. There were no documents presented that confirmed these claims or an official letter for picking up the car.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    Nantawan stated that she was contacted to come to pick up her car on 5 November 2019, she informed the center of how she was not free on such date and would be picking it up on the 6th, one day later. When she arrived the staff at the center told her that someone from the color center already came and took the car. When she contacted the color center, they informed her that no one was sent in to pick up the car. This leads to the suspicion that her car had been stolen.

    The victim has contacted the head office on how will they deal or take responsibility for the issue. The office replied by promising to issue her a new car but they have not issued any documents to confirm their spoken promise. Officials have issued a summons to the person who was seen driving the car out from the center. The letter was sent to his home address in Buriram province since 24 November 2019 with a deadline of 6 December 2019. If the person doesn’t come in to meet the police within the deadline then officials will proceed towards an arrest warrant on charges of theft.

    Credit: Sanook
    Credit: Sanook

    FB Caption: Someone took the victim’s car straight from the car center. The head office still hasn’t taken any responsibility for the loss of her red license car.


  • Husband asks wife to forgive him, ends up smashing her windshield.

    A husband was chasing his wife asking for forgiveness but ends up smashing her windshield after she refused to come out of the car. Arunee Mala 40 years old went to file a report with the Bang Bua Thong Police in Nonthaburi Province on 18 November 2019. She showed the police the main evidence of a video showing the husband’s rage as he smashed her van’s windshield.

    The victim stated that the husband followed her as she was delivering students back home in Bang Bua Thong Village. The police invited Pricha Mala 44 years old husband in for a talk on 19 November 2019. Pricha stated that they were staying at different locations since January this year. They had some family problems. Yesterday he saw her as she was driving and decided that he wanted to talk to her.

    Pricha knocked on the van’s window but she wouldn’t come down. The wife later stated that she didn’t want to exit the vehicle as she was afraid for her own safety. Pricha then explained he got angry and started punching the windshield until his hand was hurt. The glass broke as a result of all the angry punches.  Even after all the smashing she still wouldn’t come out to talk to him.


    Pricha still hasn’t talked to his wife and he really wants to see the children. He insists that it was all out of anger and he wasn’t on any drugs. He is sorry for scaring the wife. The Bang Bua Thong Police reported that the wife came in and filed a report as evidence but she didn’t want to press any charges. Arunee told the police that her husband wanted them to get back together. Her husband got so angry after she wouldn’t come out of the van that he started breaking the windshield with his own hands.


    The police have invited Pricha in for a drug test as the video shows that he was in extreme anger and unusual behavior, oftentimes related to the use of drugs. He also has a history tied to drug addiction and rehab.

    FB Caption: The husband got so angry he broke the windshield with his bare hands.


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