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  • Shark attack in France, only hand with wedding ring left.

    British tourist gets killed by a shark attack in France. The Website Daily Star UK reported the incident online on 6 November 2019. The tourist was swimming in the ocean when he disappeared. The wife confirms that the ring on the hand found inside the shark belongs to her husband.

    Officers from the Reunion Island in France found the victim’s hand inside of the Tiger Shark. The shark was killed as it was a threat to tourists after the attack took place. They are pretty sure that the victim is the 44-year-old British tourist that disappeared on 2 November 2019 as one of the fingers was still wearing his wedding ring.

    The officers have sent the hand in for a DNA sample to confirm his identity but scientists from the CSR Shark Safety Centre have reported to the media that the ring found matches the description given by the victim’s wife.

    Officials revealed that the victim is a very good swimmer. He was on a 1-week vacation with his wife on the Island in France. On Saturday (2 Nov) the victim decided to go out for a swim in the ocean alone. The wife decided to notify officials after her husband did not return at noon. A search has begun for the man including boat searches, sniffer dogs and helicopter searches.

    Credit: DCNCnature
    Credit: DCNCnature

    A team of divers went to search for the man along the coral reefs but there was no sign of him. This was when a tiger shark was killed and the insides were searched. The hand was found with the wedding ring. It is estimated that the victim was attacked and eaten by the tiger shark on his swim. The shark is about 3 meters long, tiger sharks are considered as predators and have hurt more people than great white sharks. It is one of the shark species that have a high chance to attack humans unprovoked.

    FB Caption: The wife confirms that the ring on the hand found inside the shark belongs to her husband.

    Source: Kapook, Daily Star UK


  • Giant king Cobra decides to visit the market.

    A giant king cobra measuring 4.5 meters long was caught by the local rescue team in Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima Province at 19.30 on 28 September 2019. The team was notified by some villagers that they saw a snake slither into the market. The rescue team contacted Sakaerat Environmental Research Station Sakaerat Biosphere Reserves before going to inspect the area.

    When they arrived, the snake was sleeping under a wood cabinet in the market under one of the stalls in the market. The rescue team and foreign animal experts slowly caught the snake. The market was a celebration that the locals have once per year in the district. It’s possible that the snake has gone hunting there before, but this time it wasn’t exactly what the snake was used to, filled with people, and lights. They had to be extremely careful as it was trying to slither away and kept on protecting itself. The snake thought that the people were trying to hurt it. After 20 minutes the giant king cobra was finally caught.

    The snake had ticks on its head, indicating that it came out of the jungle to look for food. The king cobra was 4.50 meters long and weighed 6 kilograms.

    Credit: Sanook

    The snake is now at the research station where both Thai and foreign experts will take care of the snake for about 5 days before releasing it back into nature. The experts will have to see what type of life this king cobra had before choosing the right location to release it. Normally, a snake will live nowhere further than 4 meters away from where it was found because snakes normally have a 4-kilometer hunting limit. If the snake is released in a strange environment then it would die within 2 weeks because it can’t manage to find any prey,

    FB Caption: The king cobra was 4.50 meters long and weighed 6 kilograms.


  • Wild Bear attacked Buriram Villager.

    A man from Buriram was attacked by a wild bear in a rubber farm, luckily he survived the attack to share the terrifying story. Sukum Hoisang 38 years old was interviewed by the Khaosod News team on the 8th of this month (September 2019) at the Nang Rong Hospital in Buriram province.

    Sukum is a villager in Pakam district. He was attacked by a wild bear that left an open wound on his leg with some broken bones. His hand was also bleeding from the attack. Sukum is still resting at the hospital because the doctor is keeping a close watch on him in case of an infection.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    Sukum stated that on the 6th he went to the rubber farm with his mom and brother to do some work. While he was working with the rubber trees he saw some footprints on the ground that lead to a forest nearby. His mother said it might be a bear because she heard villagers saying that there was a bear living in the rubber farm.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    Sukum told his mother that’s probably not true because no one has ever actually seen the bear. But he has seen a black bear walking around before. He walked towards the forest and started poking a knife through the bushes. Sukum didn’t see anything so he turned back and started walking.

    Credit: Khaosod
    Credit: Khaosod

    This is when a black bear that seemed to be about 1 meter tall and 100 kilograms jumped out of the bushes and started to attack Sukum.  Sukum used his left hand to push the bear, the bear bit his hand. Even with gloves on it didn’t help much, the bear managed to bite one of his fingers off. Sukum tried to get free and used his right hand to squeeze the bear’s mouth.

    Prawit 35 years old, Sukum’s brother came running in from the rubber farm. The bear finally got scared and ran back into the forest.

    FB Caption: The bear attacked Sukum from behind, it was about 1 meter tall and 100 kilograms in weight.

    Source: Khaosod


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