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Taxi motorcyclists ignore passengers to block Grab rival

The latest battle in the war between traditional motorcycle-taxis and the upstart Grab service appeared to end with no one getting a ride.


A Facebook user posting as “Enfant Tunglamae” live-broadcast the Thursday evening stand-off from in front of the Central Rama IX mall in Bangkok.

It showed taxi motorcyclists ignoring a long queue of would-be passengers while they ganged up to block a Grab motorcyclist from picking up a limping rider.

About 41,000 people watched the broadcast.

She told her viewers that the Grab rider had been summoned by phone by the person with a leg injury that prevented him from walking to the motorcycle-taxi stand.

But the taxi motorcyclists surrounded the man from Grab, blocking him in.

Enfant pointed out the long queue waiting for a bike ride while the drivers were wasting time harassing the Grab man and his passenger.

A taxi motorcyclist told her to mind her own business.

The broadcast ended in a cliff-hanger when Enfant’s friend turned up on a bike and she rode off.

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