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Teenage mother slashes three-year-old son’s throat in Yasothon


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A teenage mother slashed her three-year-old son’s throat with a kitchen knife and then attempted to kill herself in Yasothon in Thailand’s north-east, because she had “many problems”.

Yasothon police were notified of the incident at 7pm on Thursday.

When police and rescue workers arrived at the house they found blood splattered on the floor and the 19-year-old mother was waiting inside.

Self-inflicted slash wounds were also found around her neck.

The sobbing mother told police she had many problems and wanted to kill herself and her son to end all the problems.

She told police that while her son was playing, she used a kitchen knife to slash his throat many times. After that she used the same knife to cut her own throat in a failed attempt to kill herself.

Later, while she was in the local police jail she attempted to hang herself but was stopped by police.

Police say she has now been charged with murder.

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