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Thai children accidentally ate snacks that contained cannabis


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Thai children accidentally ate snacks that contained cannabis

The Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health has issued a warning that parents should keep an eye on some packaged snacks for children, as they may contain cannabis.

This warning on an investigation by the Institute and a subcommittee into the effects of cannabis on children found that six children had been hospitalized for cannabis use.

Dr Aditsuda Fuengfoo, head of the Center of Excellence in Child Development and Behavior, said the June 21-26 subcommittee conducted a study on behalf of the College of Pediatricians on the effects of cannabis on children.

Among the six reported cases was a three-year-old who ate cannabis-infused cookies and another child who ate a snack without knowing it contained cannabis.

In both cases, cannabis was not clearly identified as an ingredient on the product packaging.

Doctor Aditsuda warned parents to watch their children’s food and snacks. She, therefore, advocated the clear labelling of cannabis on all types of food.

She added that since the legalization of cannabis plants, more young people are consuming the plant for recreational purposes. “Some even use them as a substitute for cigarettes,” the doctor said.

She said that young people under the age of 20 should refrain from using cannabis as it can have long-lasting psychological and other effects.

Foreign researchers have found that cannabis use can lower a child’s IQ by six points, she said, adding that if they use the plant for a long time, they may decide not to go to school or finish their education, causing it becomes difficult to find work later in life.

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