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Thai Driver of killer Porsche is laying low

Social media are simmering with suspicion after Friday’s deadly car crash in Bangkok in which the driver of an expensive Porsche was ferried from the scene while victims lay dead and injured.

As of Sunday morning, no one had yet come forward with offers of help or restitution for the family of the woman killed in the 1am Friday accident in Nong Khaem district. Nor had the Porsche driver come forward to offer help, despite also injuring another woman, who lost limbs as well as her unborn baby, and wrecking a roadside motorcycle-repair shop.

The driver is reported to have crawled from the wreckage with broken legs, possibly intoxicated, and been placed in a Toyota Fortuner, which sped away before emergency responders arrived.

Acquaintances of the dead and injured women spread the story online with a hashtag referring to cases of wealthy people going unpunished for their crimes. Wongsatorn Karnsasomsap, owner of the repair shop, said early Sunday the Porsche driver had not yet contacted him about paying for an estimated Bt300,000 in damages.

He said he and his friends could have been crushed too had they remained sitting inside the shop as usual. One friend, Somkid Maneetham, said he heard brakes as he was about to leave on his motorcycle. “I gunned the engine to get out of the way and then heard a bang and went back to help the victims,” he said. Reports have suggested the Porsche driver was showing off the car when the accident occurred. His wife is said to have contacted police to offer the family of the slain woman Bt50,000 for funeral expenses, but insisted her husband was not drunk.

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