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Thai driver’s license now with a QR code in your smartphone


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Thai driver’s license now with a QR code in your smartphone

Motorists in Thailand are no longer required to carry a physical driver’s license and can instead show a screenshot of their “DLT QR license,” the Department of Land Transport (DLT) said.

“This means that the licensee can submit a printout of the screen capture of the DLT QR license in color or black and white as a valid form of identification when dealing with government agencies that require such documents,” the department said.

To qualify for the screen capture, it must contain readable information from the front and back of the driver’s license and a QR code that can be scanned to extract the licensee’s information from the DLT database.

To use the e-driver’s license, drivers must first change their traditional driver’s license to a smart driver’s license with a QR code linked to the DLT’s application. The change can be made at any DLT branch (relevant charges apply).

“Traditional driving licenses [without the QR code] can be used until they expire, after which they are replaced by a smart card when renewed,” the department said. “Those in possession of the [now-discontinued] lifetime driver’s license can use their traditional driver’s license for as long as they wish.”

If you would like more information about these driving licenses, please click  HERE! or call 1356

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